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  • But F connectors (usually used for satellite feeds) perform better (lower loss) and are smaller diameter so better if you don't actually need to connect to a TV UHF socket. Might confuse someone in years to come when they try and connect a satellite receiver though.

  • standard TV aerial plug/socket...

    Is also barely necessary. The 75Ω co-ax aerial downlead is more or less a wave guide, so if you cut the two ends off square and butt them together, it doesn't really matter whether they make contact or not 🙂

  • F connectors

    Is what I've actually used to join two lengths of TV aerial downlead together. They are, as you say, much nicer than the Belling-Lee type

  • belling-lee...
    reminds me of the old BT logo...

  • I tried on some Oakley Radar EV Path in a shop at the weekend (code OO9208-44) and thought yay, I've finally found the sunglasses that suit me. Except they were 200 euros so I didn't buy them. I got home and ordered a pair of oo9208 with polarised lenses. They arrived today and they feel much wider at the temple than those I originally tried on. Do oakleys come in different sizes within product codes? If so, how do I know what size I'm buying?

  • Do oakleys come in different sizes within product codes?

    I don't think so - there is an Asian fit and XS, but with different model codes.

    My Radar EV (Path is just the lens shape) say OO9208-13 128, and I think 13 is the frame colour, and 128 is temple width in mm.

    [Edit: the 128 is temple arm length, not width, apparently]

  • yes, thats what googling suggests. thank you. maybe my hair was just different that day so they didn't look so wide

  • They come with 2 rubber nosepieces, which slightly alter how they sit. Did yours come with another nosepiece which you could try out?

  • Any suggestions for something to synchronise Firefox and Chrome bookmarks. Bonus points if it's just something that runs locally rather than syncing on the cloud.

  • why isnt there LFGSS Discord server?

  • ah, i didn't know that. I'll give that a crack tonight


  • What is the max shelving depth when using Twinslot shelving into a brick wall?

    I'd have thought there would be some recommended max overhang of the shelves and the brackets like 20% or something and then a max total depth of shelf for the upright.

    The max bracket size is 370mm which assuming +20% would be about 45cm. That doesn't feel crazy.

    I get that there is a difference between putting a feather at the end of a 1m deep shelf vs a bag of sugar, but if anyone could give a rough guide that would be appreciated.


  • What hub is this? I seem to recall it being a de facto standard back in 2010ish and that there was a BLB version.

    And at what point should I consider the rim to be fucked - the brake track is pretty worn down.

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  • Elfa do 470mm brackets, and also 570 but with an extra bit of support below (I'm using this as a 600 deep desk atm and it seems fine). The stated load is 55kg per bracket ie. 110kg per shelf with 2 brackets - but there's no way I'd expect to sit on a shelf without damaging it. The longer the vertical supports, the more the load is spread over the wall so that's also a consideration. Main thing is how good are the fixings into the wall - are you securely in the brick?
    In terms of overhang, that depends on the shelf as much as the bracket since it's going to be cantilevering off the end of the bracket. 20% should be fine for the bracket, you could go up to 30% assuming the load isn't all put at the front edge of the shelf.

  • Ambrosio Zenith?

    (At a guess based on the shape of the holes in the flanges: scroll down to track hubs...­ls/hubs/)

  • Congestion charge:

    My car meets ULEZ reqs so just need to pay congestion for my journey yesterday. I set up autopay on Thursday night (having previously had it but removed the vehicle as I hadn't driven in town for a year). Then yesterday I then drove around London between 6am and 6pm a few times (Wandsworth to Pall Mall to Catford).

    I can see the ÂŁ10 autopay fee on my account but can't see any record of the drive. Is there a way to tell if the trip was logged and it will come out automatically? If I pay manually will they refund/not charge the autopay (assuming it comes out at the end of the month?)

  • Why does my right hip become excruciatingly painful when I sit on a sofa or comfy chair for ten minutes ?
    The leg is longer, and I think rolls out the socket, putting tension on the ITB band and inflaming tissue underneath. However, getting any kind of expert opinion has been futile - been bounced around waiting list(s) for years, and it’s starting to get problematic.

    Genuinely accept any advice from bike forum - it’s similar mechanics, right?

  • can't see any record of the drive. Is there a way to tell if the trip was logged and it will come out automatically? If I pay manually will they refund/not charge the autopay (assuming it comes out at the end of the month?)

    Officially it can take "a few days" to register the journey and show it on your autopay account. If you make a manual payment, it will be deducted from the amount on your monthly bill. If you end up with a negative bill, they assume you're going to keep using the system so just roll it over to next month. You can theoretically get a refund of overpayments, but it takes months so not worth bothering unless you're never going to drive in London again.

  • Bleugh. Ok, thanks.

  • Bleugh

    Looking on the bright side, they may have missed you completely. They don't capture 100% of vehicles using the zone.

  • Cheers.

    I haven't done it yet. I'm planning out shelving for an outdoor brick shed. Our tumble dryer lives there and I'd like a shelf to sit above it and thought if I'm using Twinslot anyway it'd be a good route assuming it can hold. I'm forever dropping shit next to, and behind it, so it's primarily to prevent that plus <7kg of wet laundry. Anything else would sit at a normal shelf location.

    600cm it great to hear, because that's roughly what I'd need.

  • Can you describe the location and painful sensation more? It sounds like it’s a sharp, localised, quickly on-setting pain, is that right? Or is it a growing dull ache that becomes excruciating, or a burning or electrical shock sensation?

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Any question answered...

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