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  • Is there a thread in regards to injuries?

    Can a partial ACL tear make the distinctive popping noise that a full rupture would make?

  • Can anyone recommend a trusted same day courier for urgent letter s and package s?

    Buying a house and need to get contract delivered tomorrow or Im fucked


  • Pickup and destination in London?
    Used to use Addison Lee a lot at a previous job for delivering fairly expensive software licence keys and documents. You can book a bike/motorbike and it was never hugely expensive. Never had any problems in the 2 years I was there­ew/courier

  • I also had them come and pick up a sofa I found in a skip once and deliver it to my flat ☺️

  • Pedal me? (If in London)

  • Haha thanks guys should have said, solicitor is in Harrogate...

  • If it was in london I would just ride over. Thanks, Tester, I looked at City Sprint and it's £500+

    I have decided to sack off my job and take the train to harrogate and deliver the paperwork myself. I wonder if they will be surprised to see me!

  • "why is your solicitor in Harrogate??"

    Because everyone in London was absolutely rammed, more expensive, and these guys had the best reviews and answered all my questions promptly. The cost of the train plus a days wages still keeps them below the quotes I got round here. Plus I get a day off snoozing on the train :)

  • And a trip to Betty's!

  • I've heated this copper rivet to stamp an initial into it, then left it in ketchup overnight. It is now clean, but less shiny (see some offcuts of untreated ones on the left)

    Can I make the stamped rivet shiny again?

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  • Autosol (or other metal polish) should bring it up - but if not coated it will slowly tarnish again over time.

  • ^
    This 100/100 times

  • cheers,and what could i coat it with?

  • what could i coat it with?

    Most visible copper is allowed to tarnish as it's considered more aesthetically pleasing than freshly cut, but if you want fresh copper colour you just have to exclude air, so a clear lacquer of some sort.

  • I was just watching a crappy YouTube video and when it ended the advert below the video was a picture of my fiancé. Before I could screen shot it the next video started and I can’t get back to the same ad. Is there any way to see a list of advertisements that have been shown or get it back?

    For no other reason than to troll her on the family WhatsApp group 🤣

  • Your weekend plans are laid out.

  • Success! I randomly clicked on videos until it turned up again.

    As you were…

  • Why is the wrapper of a packet of crumpets so tough to get into? I can open a bag of Quavers or packet of chocolate Hobnobs with my bare hands but it's knife or scissors for Warburtons crumpets.

  • Regular knife works fine and you're about to need it for buttering them anyway, but you're right, I gave up trying to open them by hand years ago.

  • They are special packets that are filled with CO2..... Google has failed me can’t find the details

  • @Dibble Ah, that sounds like a suitable reason for the impenetrableness.

  • It can do, but it's not the most important part of the clinical history for diagnosis. Pain, functional limitation, and instability would be more important features.

  • I've replaced a leak at the taps with a peak here ok both the cold and hot pipes. Any ideas? Or will the ballofix valve need a replacing? I'm wondering just accepting defeat and getting a plumber in. The missus favours that idea

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Any question answered...

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