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  • Just put them in a glass of water if they sink to the bottom all good, if they float bin them.

  • Any science in that or old wives tail?

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  • Any science in that or old wives tail?

    Both I think.

  • Any science

    Some, but not enough to make a life or death decision.

    Two weeks past the "Best Before" is certainly viable for well stored eggs.

    Use your sense of smell to check, and then use a recipe which pasteurises the eggs.

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  • Freshest ones lay on their sides, ok but old on their ends, float when bad as air has gotten inside.

  • But yeah, they're probably ok if they don't seem rancid, or just stop eating eggs all together.

  • Great stuff, cheers all, shall proceed. Stand by for updates.

    (I bloody love this forum)

  • or just stop eating eggs all together

    I hear you. They’re certainly not a staple in zazkar towers.

  • Whats a fair forum asking price for a little (51cm-ish) 853 Graham Weigh track frame and forks? Lots of chips and dings on paint. Only about 40mm steerer showing above head tube.

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  • Surprised you still have this!

  • Yeah, has basically been hanging on a hook in a spare room for nearly 7 years! With only a handful of outings on it when it was built. Need the space so its time to do something about it.

    Edit: Not even sure its the sort of thing people want now days

  • If you're poaching, the fresher the better so whites wont be whispy

  • Plumbing question. Want to replace the kitchen mixer tap. I'm assuming all I need to do before taking off the old tap is to turn the water off at these points here under the tap?

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  • Most likely they are the ball-o-fix valves on the tap supply so yes. You will probably need some kind of tap spanner to undo the nut behind the sink bowl though.

  • Cheers. I've got the spanner to undo the nut holding the tap to the sink. Got it before when the builders who put all together didn't tighten it down. Right, off to the local plumbing shop.

  • Would recommend a tube of LSX while you're there, will save messing about with the compression fittings.

  • ??? can you elaborate, where and when would I use the stuff? This'll be my first time and I'm charged by the missus to not cock it up since I don't want to get a plumber in.

  • It's a tube of sealant. You can put a little bit on the connections before you fit them and it saves any tiny leaks. You really only need a tiny amount but it lasts quite well in the tube and it's worth having if diy plumbing is in your future.

  • Aha, i get you. Kind of like gearing the threads to pedals.

  • I did try using Google but it was lots of people arguing… and I can’t seem to find the bike searching by model + 200x for photos/specs.

    Is there a way of working out the year of a Giant mtb from the frame/serial number?

    Edit: nevermind. Found it.­/reign-2

  • Chainring bolts. Wondered why my chainring was all wobbly on the turbo bike, turns out I've lost three of the five bolts. Ultegra FC-6750 crankset. Looking for replacement bolts brings up prices north of £40! This seems madness. The best I could find is these from SJS which implies cross-compatibility but isn't entirely clear. Does anyone know if they will work for me and, more generally, is there a market of unbranded replacement parts that are reasonably priced and which I'm yet to stumble upon?


  • I've got several bags of assorted chainring bolts indoors.
    Want me to have a look when I get home this afternoon?

  • That would be amazing, thank you! Pic attached for ref.

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Any question answered...

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