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  • Not sure I understand it completely, but what about taking min(starttime) and max(endtime) grouping by subject_id?

    select min(starttime),max(endtime),subject_id from dataset group by subject_id;

    Maybe some example data might help, can you come up with a simple case and a slightly more complex case?

  • The subjects might have had more than one occurrence unfortunately.

    The only way I can think to group them is to reference the row below.

    I could potentially use a for loop with this logic.

    Counter =0
    For i in number_of_rows:
      If enddate[i]+1 = startdate [i+1]:
        grp_num[i] = n
        num = num+1
        grp_num[i] = num

    Any issues with doing loops in SQL? Will it kill everything?

  • I think you might want interval packing

  • My wife keeps losing her fucking phone - what’s the forum approved app/tile/whatever for Samsung?

  • Thanks. I think I'll try to group using LEAD() and apply a grouping number using DENSE_RANK().

  • what is a spacer that matches nicely with the Kalloy Uno?

  • Probably one of mine, 31.8mm OD for 1⅛ spacers. You'll want the matching top cap too, obvs.

  • Quick question, I currently have installed on my girlfriend's bike Tektro R539 brakes, that are I believe medium/long reach (47 to 59mm). They are fine for her use an allow to run 32C tires, no issue. However, the brakes are too narrow to allow to run mudguards.

    Does anyone have a reference of a modern brake caliper (similar to the R539), with reach of 45 to 60 mm roughly, and that have big clearance for both tires and mudguards?

  • The remote for my smoke machine has broken and Halloween is coming.......
    I have no idea what the his plug is?
    Or where to get a replacement

    1 Attachment

    • F2B6C8F6-2AAD-4A07-97A6-F917E5AE3AAC.jpeg
  • Or these?

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    • E28F5818-D56B-4572-829E-82B081B3B45C.jpeg
  • That's a 5 pin DIN socket and a pair of DMX XLR sockets.

    The remote socket is likely to be unique to your machine. DMX controllers are industry standard (for stage lighting) and can be bought relatively cheaply, though I don't know if they'd do a good job controlling a smoke machine.

    Might be worth getting someone to look at your remote, as it's likely a simple soldering job.

  • Cheers. I can’t find the remote what’s the chances of just using a long wire and a switch? Or does it need a current across 2 pins?

  • Looks like a 5 pin DIN. They come in different pin layouts, I think that is a 240° one.­es/610-0510/5-pin-240-nickel-standard-di­n/dp/CN00037

  • MIDI uses the same plug if you want to find a cable to bodge. If it's just a push button it should be obvious from a peak inside the remote you have how to connect it up.

  • Fusion 360 question.

    My free personal licence expired and I've only just got round to getting a new one.

    I'm struggling to find my files(?). I found one backup I made, but idk where the others are saved.

    I'm using W10. Is there an easy way to find all the F3Z files?


  • I'm using W10. Is there an easy way to find all the F3Z files?

    For local files, just search root for *.F3Z

    There is no local store by default, so anything you didn't download from the cloud before your account expired may be lost. There's a local cache, but you probably lost it if you reinstalled F360, and if you're using a different account you probably couldn't load it anyway. Depending on how long your subscription was inactive, you might be able to recover your old cloud stored files by linking to your new account.

  • Cheers.

    Yeah I don't think I uploaded anything :(

    Although the thing I worked the longest on I did download a copy of. So that's something.

    So in future I should periodically be logging in to my autodesk account and downloading everything to a safe/sensible filing system? Or can it be done in the local(?) app?

  • The free tier of Fusion 360 is cloud storage only, so all of your files are out there somewhere unless it was a long time ago. The grid button top left of the window will show what's in your account.

  • in future I should periodically be logging in to my autodesk account and downloading everything to a safe/sensible filing system?

    Or just keep up your subscription. The export option you'd want to use to keep designs available for use in an alternative ecosystem are greyed out in the free personal subscription now. The policy seems to be to keep turning off features until we either fuck off or pay up.

  • Long.

    I'll have a bit more of look around as I guess it would have expired in the last 4m or so.

  • You can bend aluminium guards to fit, I asked this in the mudguard thread recently­

  • I've got good results with R451s and yeah bending alu guards works too!

  • Does anyone know of a website that has collated all the bikes at each of the grand tours? Ideally looking for something that goes back to the early 90's (future MGOOF build resource) but general interest as well.

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Any question answered...

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