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  • mmmmmm mildred's used to do an amazing mushroom pie back when I was a vegan and lived in the bad and hated london

  • It’s great, I doubt either of you will be disappointed.

  • Doing work stuff creating and saving excel files, using an EE broadband wifi connection.

    Will I use less data if I remote connect onto a work server and do it there rather than doing the work on my laptop?

  • Yes. Remote desktop bandwidth is minimal, unless you are watching video. It's only sending graphics for the parts of the screen that are changing. I think MS's RDP relies on client (your) Windows to draw things like the mouse cursor and buttons locally, making it even more efficient.

  • Makes sense. Thanks

  • What's the name of the tool thingy that's a couple of clips on articulated arms and a magnifying glass? For working on small objects and holding them in place whilst doing so...

  • Helping Hand with Magnifier.

  • Ah yes, that's it! Thanks!

    And there's even a few versions with a soldering iron holder (which is will be even more helpful).

  • Has anyone ever taken out the amazon product care?

    I'm looking at buying a refurbished unit and with rhe product care it will still be cheaper. But I figure it should still be better in that I'll have an easier and longer lasting protection if it goes wrong.


  • What exactly is it that you're buying? I don't think I'd have issues with a refurbed tumble drier for example, but a refurbed iPhone in constant use with a likely non-official battery and screen is different.

  • All Shimano cranks are bonded, so from recent experience of my 6800s separating like this

    you'll hear the creak before they go if it is a crack. But, there's many more that haven't than have, so it might just be a manufacturing mark.

    inspect them where the chainrings meet the crank arms - mine when there most visibly first

  • I need new brake pads, is there anything better for caliper rim brakes in the wet than Koolstop salmon?

  • A pair of TP Link decos (mesh WiFi).

    Which is why I was looking at the product care.

    Amazon returns are pretty easy so if its a 2yrs no quiwible type deal then it seems worth it.

    Also worth saying I already have some decos (I just want more). So while replacing will be a bit of a pain, I wouldn't be without Internet or have the disruption of sending a phone or laptop back.

  • I had the same thing happen last year (still haven't had the warranty replacement a year later...!) and I don't think I heard any creaking or cracking, just a very weird feel on the right pedal stroke that took me a surprisingly long time to diagnose!

  • ☝🏼 also had a 6700 chainset peel apart like that.

  • Swissstop blue

  • Oop ive got one of those!

  • To be fair it was a well used set from a 2011 road bike. They did this after about 4 years on the daily fixed ratbike

  • What could I get for my 21 year old cousin for her birthday, in central London today? She's a fashion student /runway model if it helps. Cocaine has already been vitoed

  • See if any of the fancy fabric shops in Soho do gift vouchers Berwick St is a good start. Can't remember exactly where but there's a little magazine shop Soho-ish too that does Italian Vogue etc although that kind of thing might be easier to come by these days.

  • I’ve had no issues installing Ritchet bars on Thomson X2 stems, but now trying a Zipp SC70 bar and it looks to be wider at the clamp position.

    Are they too big for the stem? The bolts are torqued to ~7nm.

    The third shot show the bars being offered up with minimal torque on the faceplate bolts. They don’t slot in like other bars.

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  • Right, popped into the shed and I was wrong. Think I was remembering a friends chainset.
    Mine however, got a crack on either side of every 'leg' of the spider.
    Watch out for this👇🏼

    There were definitely plenty of warning creaks.

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  • Are they too big for the stem?

    They were until you squished them into submission 🙂

    The process of drawing and swaging aluminium into the shape of a handlebar is not a high precision operation, there's a pretty big (by modern machining standards) tolerance on dimensions and roundness. The radial gap you see in Fig.3 will be about 0.9mm if the bar diameter is just 50μm larger than the bore diameter of the stem. Fortunately, everything is made of rubber and will happily bend enough to make the bar and the bore contact one another around the full circumference once you apply the fastener load.

  • Thanks for your reply. So the submission was/is a good thing?

    This is the gap between faceplate and stem with a ritchey bar, ccompared to image two above. So I’m concerned the bigger gap with the Zipp bars is compromising the function of the stem. Should I be?

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Any question answered...

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