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  • Fairly sure alarm clocks came up in the Watches thread a while back, might be worth a search?

  • I don’t currently have one, so would still need to buy one which doesn’t seem cost effective. Plus I have tried that idea, but I’m so weak willed that after a few weeks I gradually began reinstalling stuff (“just for now…”) and ended up with a fully distracting mini-computer next to my bed!

  • Thanks! ;)
    I'll have a look when on WiFi

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  • ended up with a fully distracting mini-computer

    Less likely to happen if you start with something like a Nokia 105 🙂

  • Anyone recognise this?

    Stamp says Brio. But quick look on eBay only seems to show the train sets.

    I used to have it. Some part of a pully.

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  • Anyone recognise this?

    We've got some of that, I think it's known as Brio Builder. It's a bit like a wooden mechano

  • And the forum provides!


  • Wow! instant nostalgia-slap with that.
    The girls have some Brio train stuff but I’d completely forgotten about this stuff.

  • is there a shim to go from 22.2 handlebars to 31.8, or is that jump too much?
    Or should I just use two shims on top of each other to go bmx - old mtb - new mtb?

  • My Surly Sunrise bars are 22.2 and came with spacers to fit 31.8 bars. They are a thing. You can get them.

  • I've got some tent poles that need to be delivered to US for repair. I've tried Shiply and Parcelhero for quotes which include quotes from Parcel Force but anywhere else I should be trying?

  • thanks! I can't see many though.
    Is there a technical reason I shouldn't use multiples of spacers that anyone's aware of?

  • Do you mean using 22.2->25.4 and then 25.4->31.8?

    I would imagine that slippage between the shims would be your biggest worry. You should be able to find the right spacers with some careful searching. Found quite a few options on ebay and aliexpress. Problem Solvers make them too although SJS don't seem to have them listed.

  • Is there anyone on this side of the pond who could repair them instead?

  • Hmm yeah slippage is my worry, but with one set of shims there's no slippage so I don't know if I'm over thinking it, but also don't want to end in fiery death...

  • Problem Solvers do a 22.2-31.8 shim but were out of stock everywhere last time I looked.

    I have a Meriwether Shimzilla which would work too, bought it for some ti bars but mismeasured where they started to bend so it doesn't fit. Not sure why I'm holding onto it really.

  • A few years ago there was a sales thread on here with some very funky photos - I think there were some neon green textiles or maybe textured paper or plastic in the background, and maybe some nice lighting?
    I'm trying to find it, if it's still around. I think it had a bunch of fairly high end fixed components. Anyone remember it/have a link?

  • Will a road double front derailleur work with 44/28 chainring combo?, my Ultegra has a min limit of 46t (apparently) for big ring, or should I be considering a mtb derailleur?

  • I've used Tiagra and Claris derailleurs with a 40t/28t set up. Not perfect, but definitely acceptable performance.

  • I was just watching something on ebay, down to the last 10mins. I didn't want to use a sniper.

    Just checked back with ~5mins and all of a sudden it came up with "item no longer available". I didn't think you could do that once there were bids and with under a day to go.

    Has it changed? Seems a bit shitty to pull something at the last minute, although it was currently probably less than the seller wanted. Although I'm sure a load of last min bids would have come in.

  • Does anyone have a set of Shimano Dura Ace FC-7800 cranks they could take a quick look at?

    Is this just a manufacturing mark or is it a crack developing? This isn't my photo, but I do have a set with a similar mark.

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  • Meeting a vegan friend later for food and drinks. Where is a good place in/around Soho that would cater for both a vegan and totaly non-vegan (me)?

  • Do you require meat, egg or dairy options? If not go to Mildred’s it’s great!

  • Cheers, I would prefer meat. But Mildred's does look good.

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Any question answered...

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