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  • Fox Umbrellas are excellent, and they'll repair/refurbish so as long as you don't lose it you have a brolly for life.

  • A guy I knew – who did a lot of research into these types of things – recommended Fulton umbrellas to me.

  • Yes - you just need to know the thread tpi and pick a 12mm ta that matches

  • I don't mix in those circles unfortunately... Train or corporate.

    Found one of these locally for £30 so will probably just go with that.

    @Dammit missed that, good to know!

  • You are Tom Waits AICMFP.

  • Ah, thanks. I think I’ve found just what I need now. :)

  • My wife ordered a load of stuff from Zara, was rushing and put in the wrong address (she only just found this out, while trying to find out where her parcel was). It’s gone to another house in Bristol and they’ve clearly accepted the parcel.

    What’s the deal here? She could go round and knock on their door but presumably they’re under no obligation to hand it over, are they?

  • they’ve clearly accepted the parcel

    Delivery left on doorstep, photographed, then scarper as the door opens.

    They probably didn't have chance to say I'm not Mrs D and return it?

    Presume they don't have the same name as your Mrs, so it's not for them.

  • Funnily enough, since I wrote that post, Zara have been in touch and said that the people who live there rang them to say they’d had a parcel sent to them in error!

    Sometimes I forget the world isn’t completely full up with bastards.

    (I’d say it’s something like a 1/3 to 2/3 split)

  • I have a Virgin WiFi hub network, but I cannot connect any new phones or laptops to the hub as the network does not show up on new phones or laptops that aren't connected. I've tried restarting the hub etc, but still the network doesn't show up.

    I'd be grateful if anyone knows how to sort this so that I can connect new devices to my WiFi.

  • If you know the name of the network, enter it manually on the new device. If you don't, then find it out by logging in to the administrative control panel of the hub, and while you're there turn on "Broadcast SSID" if you can't be arsed to do manual connections every time you add a new device.

  • Which hub?

    If it's the super hub 3, then:

    1. admit defeat
    2. buy a new router (the deco mesh ones are gvfm)
    3. Put router into modem mode
    4. Set up new router
    5. Enjoy the fast reliable Internet you expect for the money you pay Virgin

    WiFi thread is here if you need more info:­22/?offset=1300#comment16189345

  • Cheers.

    It's the home WiFi. Broadcast SSID has always been on.
    Unfortunately I'm trying to connect a Garmin watch and my work phone to the WiFi and neither of them show up the router when WiFi is turned on, on both the devices, and the router.

  • What class of WiFi? I had to create a secondary 802.11a network to connect some devices which didn't support the 802.11n used on the primary network.

  • Sorry. Thanks for your responses, but I have no idea.

  • Any recommendations on where to book a big holiday home? I'd like to book somewhere for family to come to us for Christmas and ours isn't big enough

  • Classic cottages, dependent on location

  • What do you think of as big?

    Airbnb, (might be on Airbnb anyway), Landmark Trust have places for 16+.

    Some places will book a couple of properties next to each which might have the bedrooms but tend to suck for a family gathering due to not having big enough living and dining space.

  • Where are you thinking?

    We just hired a 18 bedroom holiday home down in devon for a surprisingly cheap price...

  • Crikey, yes a good question. We'd be looking for 6 maybe 7 bedrooms. So I guess not that big overall. @Sam_w somewhere near London (9 - 12 o-clock), we will have 7ish week old babies so can't be schlepping too far (<2hrs) from north London. Would love to be going Devon but not yet

  • Fair enough!

    For anyone else who is looking to rent somewhere really big...! Alston Hall is about £1500 a night, which sounds like a lot until you realise you get 18 bedrooms for that...

  • Fox brolly acquired, can confirm: it's nice.

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  • So as to avoid a repeat is there a preferred material for such bolts?
    Or just an odd freakish thing?

  • Nice! They really are good- I got one with the solid cane to replace my crutch after foot surgery, it’s been a faithful companion ever since.

  • is there a preferred material for such bolts?

    For bottle cage bolts? Probably depends on the frame material and, where present, the inserted thread material. The biggest problem you're likely to have is corrosion, so you want to pick the most compatible material, i.e. steel bolts in steel threads and aluminium alloy bolts in aluminium alloy threads.

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Any question answered...

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