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  • Smashed a Moto G9 (one of the plus or play variants, who knows) this morning.

    Any recommendations for an equivalent to replace it (both in terms of spec and cost)? Obviously I could just get another G9, but not sure if there are any sales etc on?

    Recently got myself a Moto g30. Did a bit of research and found that Amazon are the only place that offer it with 6GB RAM at the same price of the 4GB version sold by other retailers. 128GB Storage, stock Android 11. Was either this or a 'Realme 8', but I wanted stock Android which Moto offers.

    This guy is quite good at quick rundowns:­cJc

  • Was either this or a 'Realme 8'

    FWIW I recently got the Realme 7 5G as it's cheaper and seemingly actually ever so slightly better specced than the 8 for some reason

  • Thanks! Saw a G9 for £99 Argos, so thought I'd go for that (and spend the difference on more bike stuff that I definitely need...)

  • Who distributes MET in the UK please?

  • Thank you.

    @ Tester, I did :/ Was pointed to Extra, who didn’t have it, so I reached out for help. (Need to work on my FG skills, yes)

  • Anyone on here pretty clued into the practicalities of community scheme/district heating and hot water?

    A place we're in the process of buying turns out to be part of the KX scheme (which is great) but not sure about the infrastructure necessary for it. We've lived in places with it before, but it was straight to tap/rad, but this place has a rather old water cylinder we are very, very, keen to be rid of. Not sure if this is hangover over the old system, or a necessity of this particular DH system.

  • Anyone got experience with getting grants or bursaries for City and Guilds courses as an adult?

    I've found this:­aries-funding-for-training/#how-to-apply­

    But I was also wondering what else I might be able to apply for.

  • My cheap eBay Wheel Trueing stand is irritating me, is there a good alternative at below £100 or should I build my own?

  • I've got SD cards in two old android phones I want.

    Idk if (or when) I backed the phones up, so just in case I'd like to back them up before reformatting the cards.

    Unfortunately they don't seem to be charging. When I tried just putting the cars in my laptop they're unreadable.

    Any bright ideas?


  • I want to know how you fit a motor vehicle into your computer.

    When I tried just putting the cars in my laptop

  • Sounds like your SD cards might be encrypted. Can you use them in a working phone and turn encryption off? Or you used them as internal storage (install apps on them), in which case you cannot read them I think.

  • And still the front wheel does not produce any spray 😅

  • That's a good idea. My current phone has an SD card, but I'd rather not remove it as I've got apps and stuff on it.

  • Bakkies panniers. Anyone know where I can buy in UK or is that pure lolz now?
    Or who makes something similar?

  • I can’t load any web pages with Safari, but I can hit (for e.g. Google’s DNS server using the command line. What’s the most likely explanation? I said the above to EE customer support and he had no idea what I was talking about.

  • Anyone used the toogoodtogo food app to get lunch? What did you reckon?

  • You have to collect from about 4pm usually I think, so a bit late for lunch. I've got it from Costa a couple of times, you get a lot of food for what you pay but I think it's more of a novelty unless you want to eat 4 paninis or muffins in one sitting.

    There's #content out there on YouTube where people post what they've got from various places

  • Bit confused by this kickstands mounting points, where do I put it and is it missing anything? Thanks

  • Some bikes have a plate between the chainstays behind the BB. Looks like it might bolt into that plate, but it wouldn’t explain the second bolt hole that currently has a nut and bolt in it.

  • That one looks like it's designed to fit the rear axle, non-drive side. Possibly the nut will clamp in a horizontal dropout slot if it were on the other side.

  • Mesmerizing…
    It looks like they’re giving you mounting options.

    • nipple + hole
    • 2 holes with a bit of play

    No inyerendo here.

  • Don't understand
    I can't see the pic

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Any question answered...

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