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  • Other types of cube puzzles?
    Some pretty classy looking ones out there.

  • Yeah, I've had a bit of a look but I didn't know what would be good and what would be naff.

    Also I should have said it needs to be a solo puzzle/game.

  • Rubik’s Magic / Rubik’s Clock…

  • A basic bluetooth radio­ef=pe_27063361_487055811_TE_3p_dp_1

    A thing for the phone to mount it somewhere easy to see­NZWXXV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title­?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    A convertor kit for the car with a replacement fascia and connectors to wire in the steering wheel controls.

    I could have gone for a cheaper no-brand radio and I'm sure it would be fine, but the convertor kit had instructions for the main brands so seemed less faff to go that way. And it's nice to keep the steering controls. The thing that originally made cds skip a track now works for Spotify!

  • Rubiks Cube Calendar?

    Not hard (you only do one side) but you get to re-solve it every day

    Edit - shit they are expensive!

  • Flinger mudguards work well on race bikes.

  • Chess board and a timer clock, you'll have to invest some time when they wanna spar though...

  • My niece (and I) is/are/am smitten with IQ Puzzler Pro.

  • Can anyone recommend a simple solution to managing group subs?

    To explain: there is a group of individuals and we are starting to have regular small sub fees. We could all do with chipping in for other reasons - printing, hosting fees, advertising etc.

    Is there a simple way to manage a fund for all this that we all set up a small standing order (£20-£30) a month that acts as our fund for the regular subs, and stored funds for ad hoc expenditure?

    I’m guessing five-a-side teams have this sort of challenge, but maybe you just need a nominated bursar who pays out of their own account and manages chasing subs themselves?

  • Set up a new current account at Monzo/Metro Bank/your bank of choice, in your or whoever's name, and make sure all payments go from that? If it's known that this is the subs account only, and not a personal one, then there shouldn't be the pressure on someone using their personal current account to cover everyone and then have to chase the subs.

  • I’m guessing five-a-side teams have this sort of challenge, but maybe you just need a nominated bursar who pays out of their own account and manages chasing subs themselves?

    Having done this on and off for 20+ years.

    Pay. Take ownership. Be polite but relentless about chasing people to pay.

    A simple spreadsheet, or piece of paper, is all you need. If you're endlessly polite and forgiving and don't chase people you'll lose money.

    Any admin is 1/1000th of the hassle of actually getting people to pay up.

  • Tyres won't seem to mount straight on rims.. I'm using tubeless compatible rims with tubeless tape, if that makes a difference, but have had the same problem with both a tubed and tubeless compatible (although with a tube) tyres.

    Have tried deflating and reinflating but no joy, and trying to wiggle the tyre into place - tyre was seated properly before I got a flat so didn't think it would be rim tape but could that be a possible issue?

    Anything else I can try? Am in the Alps so losing a day's riding if I can't get it sorted

  • What do you mean mount straight? Is the bead not seated properly all the way around?

  • Soapy water all along the bead and then over inflate the tyre?

    Or just put a tube in?

  • Ta both. Yeah have a tube in already, bead just seems not to be snapping into place properly so there is an area of shorter sidewall where there is a lump.

    Will try soapy water and see if it snaps into place better at high pressure with that

  • Update: that worked, but it seems my mate wrestling the tyre on has bent the rim so the wheel is out of true. 1-2mm out for a rear wheel on those alpine descents sounds interesting....

  • Woah howd he manage that! 1-2mm isn’t too bad though right?

  • If you had disc brakes that wouldn’t have happened. (Correction- the <2mm rim deviation wouldn’t matter, that’s the joke).


    (.5 mm of extra calliper travel will be noticeable in the brake lever pull but won’t be too bad, if you wanted to add clearance)

  • Smashed a Moto G9 (one of the plus or play variants, who knows) this morning.

    Any recommendations for an equivalent to replace it (both in terms of spec and cost)? Obviously I could just get another G9, but not sure if there are any sales etc on?

  • He's an absolute brute and the tyres were a proper battle - I could see the force that went in!

    No, shouldn't be too bad but a quick test ride this morning resulted in some lumpy braking...

  • Urgh don't, this was my first time on a rim brake bike in ages - prefer disc but this is a super lightweight carbon mountain jobby

  • Thanks.

    And cheers to everyone for the present suggestions.

  • Juggling balls or a yoyo.

  • Is there anywhere to buy audiobooks from except audible? I'd like to just own the mp3 files if possible....

    (Want this­-sounds-cd)

  • Did Dawes make a Reynolds 725 frame with rear brake routing on top of the top tube?
    Like a cx bike, but it doesn’t seem like they had a cyclocross model.
    A buddy has built up a nice commuter but is unsure of the frame model or age.

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Any question answered...

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