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  • Go for (the excellent and free) instead - very good interface, easy to use and has video calling for each player / spectator while it runs, so it's like a Zoom but you get to play poker!

  • Werewolf is all too similar to the ultimate team-destroying game, Tank Tactics

  • That is cool, I'm building it now

  • This looks good. How do you play online?

  • Person shares screen with the scattegories page so everyone can see. There are different versions/rules but this is how we play (which is more similar to stop the bus, I think).

    It gives you a letter and several categories, when they're revealed, everyone has to write down an answer to as many of the categories as possible that start with the nominated letter.
    EG, Letter D, Category: Country, Answer: Denmark. NB, you only write down one answer per category - choosing your answer is part of the strategy as it has to be unique to score.
    When a player has an answer for all the categories, they say stop and everyone must stop writing, or you stop when the time runs out. The person who said stop then goes through their answers to check for validity - you can then discuss if the answers are all accepted . If any are deemed unacceptable, the round continues until the someone completes the full set of categories, which could be the original "stopper" if they think of a new answer, but this is uncommon as debatable answers are usually the result of a hard category/letter combo. You then check with the rest of the players answers (goes quicker than it sounds).

    You get a point for each unique answer. So if two people both have the same answer, neither get a point. You get double points for a double barrel eg Category: Band, Letter: F, Answer: Franz Ferdinand.

    The way we play it, the categories stay the same, and you just re-roll the letter choice. But on the website, you can have all new categories and a letter each round.

    Hope that makes sense. Honestly, it's super easy for people to pick up, engaging and generally a good laugh, but most importantly it's very zoom friendly.

  • That’s great thanks

  • Is there such a thing as a straight steerer 1 1/8 carbon disc fork (can be alu steerer) with 370mm ish A2C that will clear a 32c tyre and isn’t really ugly.

  • 370mm ish A2C that will clear a 32c tyre

    I think this is difficult:
    31mm high tire + 316.5mm rim =347.5mm, so only 22.5 mm for clearance and top of fork.

    Carbon forks are usually thicker than metal ones at the top.


  • While we’re on the subject of games, did anyone ever think that after all these years they might lose the game?

  • I have a whisky rim brake carbon fork with 375mm a2c that clears 35c….. so….

  • My Google skills have reached their limit: does anyone sell multi-packs or bulk cone nuts for loose bearing axles (in mm not inches)?

  • Cool , do you have a picture?

  • Anyone know what it means when you are on hold to customer service or whatever, you have its muzak playing, and every so often the music stops, you get a brief split second moment of a phone ringing but then back to muzak?

    Am I just being bumped by lazy call operators?

  • What's the deal with buying a .com domain that's already registered/owned?

    I've got a that's a shortened version of my last name, but a .com would be nicer.

    When I type it in I get to a site that says;

    This domain has recently been listed in the marketplace at Click here to inquire

    Which takes me to:­

    Who want me to make an offer over $1k.

    Is it worth paying to go on a wait list?

  • A waiting list sounds like a con. Only one person can own it and they can own it indefinitely for negligible cost.

    You need to negotiate with the owner. Domains sometimes change hands for 6 figure sums. Depends what people think it is worth, how much money the buyer is perceived to have etc.

  • When I type it in

    First order of business is to find the Reg-C from the whois record to see who really owns the domain. They might have instructed the marketplace you found to sell it on their behalf, but it's worth trying to contact them directly to see whether they will deal directly, or direct you to their actual agent. The marketplace may be several layers of delegation down the chain from the true owner.

    Do not send money to anybody except an escrow service mutually agreed upon by you and the domain owner - they will have no problem with this if they are honestly trying to sell a domain, it's a normal part of the transaction.

    How much to pay is a personal valuation decision. I like telling people where I am by using a uk domain, which is handy because I'd be deep into six figures before I could tempt the owner of the corresponding .com to give it up 🙂

  • The dot com of the name I wanted to call my company was taken and 'for sale', and when contacted the owner wanted $10k. We offered them $1k and they immediately said yes. Kind of wish we'd offered $500.

  • Cheers.

    It's not really worth much to me. Annoyingly I think it was available when I bought the but didn't want to spend the extra. Makes me wonder if whatever website I used tracks people buying the cheaper domains and then buys the .com.

    Apparently its owned by Jewella Privacy LLC and expires in October - but I assume that's just because its renewed each year. Still it does make me think for $5 it might be worth trying one year on the wait list thing.

  • On that note where is the best place to buy from?

    Or is it just a case of using whoever has a deal?

    Pretty sure I used godaddy.

  • Why does Royal Mail choose an illustration that looks like somebody putting a parcel in a thrash bag for when they receive your item from overseas?

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  • Because that's what postal sacks look like.

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Any question answered...

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