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  • The 10 hour silence between your posts had me wondering

  • Anyone know about unusual bulb fittings? Got some freecycle desk lamps, mostly without bulbs. The one bulb in there is a 'Dulux-T' 2-pin compact fluorescent. I can see that you can still buy these but would like to replace with LED equivalent. Are all the 2-pin with a plastic block push-fit the same fitting? I've never come across them before so don't really know what I'm looking for, there are many variations...

  • Show us. If its what I think it is, you have more work to do than just finding an LED with the same interface.

  • I can't see GX24D LEDs, and I can see why nobody would want to offer them - you'd have to trust that the buyer had the competence to delete the ballast.

  • I did see some need ballast and some don't... Unfortunately I don't have them with me and no photos. They are old Erco desk lamps. Presumably replacing with CFLs is ok then, I just thought LEDs might be nicer.

  • I was going to say something similar to @gbj_tester and was thinking you would need to remove the ballast but there are apparently plenty of direct LED replacements so you might be fine, providing it fits in other ways.

    For example­e-led-7w-840-2-pin-replacer-for-7w-40580­75559370

  • Thanks! That's the website I was on earlier. I did consider just calling them up once I have the lamps and old bulb in front of me.

  • If I wanted to power something that has a 75w draw (a monitor), that means that it will run for 2 hours on a 14.4v 150wh battery? So if I daisy chain 2 of those batts I should get 4 hours?

  • 75w draw (a monitor), that means that it will run for 2 hours on a 14.4v 150wh battery?

    Ish. That 150Wh might be based on a longer discharge period than 2h, and discharging fast usually reduces total usable energy. Also, unless the monitor requires 14.4V DC input, there is going to be some conversion loss to whatever it does need. Finally, if by daisychain you literally mean connecting the output of 1 battery to the charging port of the other, you'll have to account for some more losses; the second law of thermodynamics says you can't draw 150Wh from one place and put all of it in another.

  • Almost certainly not. Not for long, anyway. Totally discharging a battery is a pretty surefire way to kill it, generally. I think you'll need a bit more capacity if you want it to work more than once for that length of time.

    Also, unless the monitor works on 14.4V DC - which it won't - you'll need an inverter. Which won't be 100% efficient, because nothing is.

  • Also, unless the monitor works on 14.4V DC - which it won't

    I presume the OP is talking about a pro video monitor, which most often use a 14.8V battery standard derived from Sony camcorder batteries (or sometimes pro camera batteries directly).

    There's a thing called D-tap for powering extra equipment off the same battery, although I'm not entirely sure how/if it allows daisy chaining.

  • That would make a difference, certainly. Still very marginal though. It still relies on the batteries being fully discharged.

  • Looking for recommendations for a florist to send condolence flowers to a friend in Walthamstow. Ecological, ethical and carbon-conscious preferred, I've seen various permutations of that online, not sure who is good for NE London though.
    Edit: Could be a plant (house or garden) I guess rather than cut flowers.

  • Where do I get a Paul components chainring?

  • I’m obviously out of the local loop, but Scilly Flowers has done a good job when I’ve sent to my sister in Bournemouth.

  • Between the cycling, the uphill, the downhill, the uphill, the downhill, carry the bike down stairs, the sun on my bald skull, the swimming in cold sea, the sun, the swimming, the sun, carry the bike up stairs, the up hill, the downhill etc, the shower, the bed duties, the eating, the drinking, the walking, the cycling back, the phone checkings, the 52 milestones, can I be tired left with little no energy?

  • Hopefully you know the answer. If you don’t then try it and report back here.

  • hello, I've bought KCNC hollow headset spacers, identical to those in the pictures below:

    I couldn't manage to take of the logos with nail polish remover (whereas I could on my stem), so I guess it is probably laser marked or something similar.
    Would somebody have a link for 1 1/8e headset spacers, of 5mm or 10mm or 15mm or 20mm height without any logo on the cylindrical surface, that are available in green and red (same colors as above)?

    EDIT: did not precise, but as located in France preferably on EU web shops!

  • Am I doing something wrong here..? Trying to fit a Tektro front brake cable hanger to my bike, with Shimano BR-CX50 cantilever brakes. However, the yoke is not adujstable and there doesn't appear to be enough room. Is there a way to fix this, or do I need a cantilever with a straddle wire/ adjustable yoke?

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    • IMG_1217 2.JPG
  • You need a cable bracket that goes on the top headset nut for those brakes.

  • One of these?­o-power-hanger-brake-enhancer-for-cantil­ever-brakes/ Oh, you mean a normal brake hanger. That's what I'm trying to move away from because I'm getting a lot of fork chatter.

    Can I keep the current set up but just replace the shimano saddle wire/ yoke with a normal saddle wire and yoke, or will that cause issues in some way?

  • Superstar components?

    Think they might have logos though.

    Edit: Jazzy/ weird lexan though!

  • I've seen that they have metal as well but their "shaved out" design I'm not terribly a fan, would have preferred a classic shape. thanks for the suggestion though, I'll keep searching!

    EDIT: seems like I found what I need, from Custom Riders (Dia-compe spacers), but the store does not ship to France I am afraid

  • I ordered a minivelo carbon spacer thats pretty much bang on what I need 220mm.

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Any question answered...

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