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  • Forgot about Evoc bags, they're really good. Wiggle seems to make an own brand version now too.

  • To add on my Evoc, I've had no issues putting it through as normal baggage with the bike, some kit and some clothes in it - no extra charges or anything like that

  • Sweet, cheers. I ended up buying a similar one, just a bit smaller

  • I've got a BikeBoxAlan which I've used more times than I care to remember and the bike has always arrived without damage. It's expensive for what it is, and storage is a pain if you haven't got somewhere to dump it when it's not in use, but when in use it's been excellent. The only downside is there's not much space for fatter tyred.

    I've also got a Helium inflatable bike bag, which works well until the bladders get punctured, which they invariably do, and it's much fiddlier to use.

    I've got a soft bag which I used once, and the gear hanger got bent despite being 5mm titanium plate. Never used it again.

  • I've also got a Helium inflatable bike bag

    Presumably this helps with weight limits?

  • I've used an Evoc to take a bike to the US roughly twice a year for six years, with additional short-haul European trips either once or twice each year in addition.

    In all of that, the baggage handlers broke a cable adjuster on the return leg of one US trip.

    You can roll an Evoc up and shove it under the bed when you get home, or shove it in a wardrobe in your hotel room - try that with a hard case.

    My current bikes (MTB these days) are too long for my Evoc, so I'll need to buy the new bigger one. If you wanted my old one (fine for road bikes, but the stand I suspect is only going to be for QR wheels) let me know.

  • It's obviously heavily used, but that's just made it dirty.

  • Might've discovered something.

    Wanted to check a link I'd copied worked as expected, so pasted it into an incognito Chrome window and there was no 3D. As soon as I signed in, 3D was there. Tried Edge and saw the same thing.

    Could you have been signed in to but not

  • Nah I'm signed in all the googles
    It's a curious one

  • Presumably this helps with weight limits?

    Only if you actually used Helium to inflate the bladders. And even then, not by enough to make a difference.

  • Thanks all, given me much more lots to think about than I expected. In a good way.

  • Bike Lights:

    Recomendations please. I'm looking for a decent quality to see bike light that dosen't cost a fortune and has a decent burn time ie I can cycle overnight throught countryside.


  • Lights

    There's a thread for that

  • burn time

    Were you a fan of carbide lamps bitd?

  • Where is the saddle thread?

    I've not got on with my Fabric Scoop, nor did I enjoy Arione. I do however get on with my Fizik Tundra, is there anything that's a similar shape but more road orientated?

  • I’m looking for a new backpack it must be made of rugged fabric, around 20-24l, have an outside pocket for a water bottle, water resistant/waterproof, muted colours, not too tacticool. No Messenger bags (bad neck) no need for a laptop sleeve.
    Would like loops for lights, some pouch/pockets for tools.
    Budget depends on how much I like it.

    Any ideas I’m drawing a blank.?


    I assume you haven't missed this but ticks most of your boxes aside from the bottle pocket, but the helmet holder would probably work. Maybe too tacticool?

    Ive had mine for years n years, used on MTB but honestly mostly as hand luggage on planes and general travels. I know you said no laptop sleeve but remove the back protector and a MacBook Air fits perfect. More pockets than you can ever need, specific tool section and comes with a rain cover for whens its really pissing.

  • Pretty sure I've seen it before, but is there a Media/TV/Film peoples thread here?

  • Is the fabric tough? I’ve worn holes in an Osprey

  • Ive always thought it tough enough but toughtough?

    Ive got no holes in my bike one, dont know how that would happen, but a hole/cut appeared in my snowboard version, I don't know how.

    FWIW the Specialized Romin Pro gets on very well with my butt YMMV

  • You fly four times a year? Jesus

  • Reported to the RSPB.

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Any question answered...

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