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  • Oh cool, my order is in so I'll have to wait for that.
    I went for the Eco model with the dual purpose head fitted. As much as I'd love the digital display, I don't need it, this one should be fairly easy to use 🤞🏼

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  • Which is the best thread to ask a C++ question on?

  • What is the biggest cassette and RD combo I can run with 10spd 105 road shifters?

  • I understand SRAM road cranks have a Q factor around 145mm, and MTB is around 169mm. Is this only due to the change in spindle length, or are the crank arms a different shape?

  • are the crank arms a different shape?


  • What freehub is this/does someone have a link for a cheap replacement?

    In trying to replace the freehub bearings, I’ve cracked the race. So in classic fashion, being overly thrifty has cost me. Even bought the bloody tool for the job and everything.

    Edit: is WH-R501-R compatible?

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  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a motion activated, USB powered light? I'd like to put one outside of our flat door as it is pitch black in the stairwell

  • First one was a dud (damaged in transit)
    Replacement has arrived 😌

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  • I got an identical box delivered today as well! Along with the prestaflator and other bits, all seems to clip together encouragingly, I've got some instructions to read then a new tubeless set-up ready to give it a try-out later!

  • Is there a thread about bike bags and putting bikes on a plane? My new Fairlight Strael has arrived in the UK and, unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to ride it back to Valencia when I go to the UK in September and so will have to fly with it instead.

    Any recommendations? I don't mind investing a little as I'll likely use it a fair bit in the future.

  • Honestly a proper cardboard bike box is often best. The hard cases work well but take up so much space when not in use. I've used a soft case with plastic boards in the outside edges to help protect the wheels and covered everything in pipe lagging but parts still got scuffed and scratched inside.

  • Not a big fan of the rigid boxes, after seeing throwers literally tip them over because they are too awkward/heavy. Compared to the cardboxes where they were laid down.

  • I've got an Evoc bag - got it 2nd hand so wasn't too pricey, only used it a couple of times but very pleased both times, packs down a reasonable amount when not in use and reassuringly solid when all packed up

  • If you get to a small airport, you can ask if you can photograph your bike as it goes through the x-ray machine!

    Make sure you print out the airlines baggage regulations and take a tape measure. Check-in can be awkward and sometimes its easier just to measure for them. My bike bags were inside the normal suitcase dimensions and didn't cost anything extra. I vote for soft bags.

  • Anyone know a thing or two about kickstands?

    This is the second one I’ve tried that’s been too wide for the kickstand plate on the chain stays.

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  • Not a big fan of the rigid boxes, after seeing throwers literally tip them over because they are too awkward/heavy. Compared to the cardboxes where they were laid down.

    On a polo trip to either Italy or Portugal there were a fair few of us with bikes in soft bags, we could see the guys out of the plane window just chucking them all on top of each other in a big pile, thankfully polo bikes are pretty sturdy and mine was towards the top.

  • Never tried it but have heard that reusing large TV boxes tends to minimise the rough treatment. Might increase the chance of it going missing though.

  • I have this one for the bike shed. Recommended originally by @stevo_com

    Can recommend.­TLW?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

  • I used a clear plastic CTC bag when I came back from PBP in 2011 but, having finished the ride, I really didn't care whether the bike ended up being smashed into tiny pieces.

    (I'd also like to think that it was French baggage handlers and they might be quite careful with un vélo.)

    Some argue that they might be a lot more careful with a bike they can see, in a clear plastic bag, than a bike they can't see in a generic soft case. But this is highly dependent on the individual baggage handler than ends up handling the baggage.

    In my example it survived with no problems.

    I used a load of pipe lagging and zip ties plus some PBP signage in order to make it a bit more secure.

    [EDIT] Digs out a photo...

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  • Some dutty CAD based on their not-to-scale frame fit diagrams suggests about 5mm per crank.

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  • My tuppence worth. Travelled more than the average bear with my bikes.

    Used a box once, did the job, it was beat up but the bike was fine. I watched out of the window of the plane and winced as the handler 1...2...3....lobbed the box through the air onto the plane (Orange 5 at the time)

    I've since used an EVOC bike bag, short haul, long haul (South America, Asia, North America, Europe), normally my carbon enduro bike and no issues at all. Usually pack some clothes and what not around some of the fragile parts.

  • Used evoc bag a fair few times never had any issues. Road bikes need an adapter in them though.
    Whilst waiting for my evoc at Calgary airport did get to see a roadie’s hard case get properly lobbed onto a belt by a baggage handler. The evoc was by comparison treated quite well.

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Any question answered...

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