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  • What can I do with 4 spare kilos of citric acid?

  • Clean your kettle (or anything else that needs descaling), make elderflower cordial?

  • difference in price (when i looked) between the 8L and the 24L was something like £35-ish.

    That would be my view too - £35 is soon forgotten, an ubdersized tool is an annoyance forever.

  • Great intel, thanks v much to all who've chipped in

  • Yep, we bought it to make elderflower cordial but Mrs cyoa misread quantities on ordering and have made about 70 litres over the past month. But flowers are fading and teeth are eroding/friends and neighbours don't want any more goddamn cordial etc. Descaling things a good call. Wonder if it works on arteries.

  • Thanks for that! I will do.

  • Thanks, that looks fun. Will give it a go.

  • H Lloyd do them, not sure if it's the style you want. What year is your frame?

  • Edit - Answered it myself.

  • Those aren't the ones I need sadly. I'm after the more modern italic ones. Not sure prob 80's? Annoyingly lost the messages I had with the previous owner of the frame. Not the one below btw but an example of the style

  • I was on my phone when I posted this link, and didn't think to add more, but one thing I would say is please do consider where the cotton comes from, and who makes the clothing as much as your personal situation allows ... there is nothing good that will come from buying clothes made by people who are paid a pittance from cotton that is manufactured in a terrible way.

    And I'll get off the pedestal now.

  • Any novel cycling oriented ideas for a sporty female colleague’s leaving gift from the team, in the £100-£150 range? No idea how experienced a cyclist they are, assuming at least moderately if not very. Hoping to support a social enterprise or charity, ideally.

  • London Bike Kitchen membership?

  • Good shouts. Thanks. I don’t think they’re very mechanical, but I’ll float the idea. Lee Valley taster will probably work. Need to spend £100 more.

    (Last job I left I got a card haha)

  • Last job I left I got a card haha

    As it should be. Adults don't need gifts to mark events. If you see a thing that would be amazing for whoever then get it just because. When the calendar ticks round get them a card and spend some time with them.

    (Exceptions apply to weddings when the couple have spent a bucket of cash and hopefully have a list)

  • Adults don't need gifts to mark events.

    You realise this would destroy the cycling industry right?

  • paceline / weight weenies / velocipede salon

  • Hm, thanks! Those I know, I am searching for another one. I really can't remember the name, just that it was fancy 'modern', a little bit similiar but not at all similar (haha) to LFGSS.

  • By the way, may not be relevant or helpful right now but I ordered that Prestaflator Pro from Gone Biking Mad this morning and it's already showing despatched - they may have stock of the one you're after?

  • I thought the cycling industry foundation was middle aged fat blokes like me spending money trying to not be awful rather than putting the hours in?

  • True, but people do spend a lot on cycling kit to mark life events: I bought a bike to ‘celebrate’ my first year at my previous job, and a saddle to celebrate a new job the following year.

  • But it sounds like you bought that for yourself? I'm all for earning money and spending it on what makes you happy. I just don't like the guess what an adult with their own disposable income might appreciate as a surprise thing.

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Any question answered...

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