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  • Ha!

    Fwiw it was the Sirona i-size (so tested to a higher safety standard). I'd joke about making a throwaway comment if yours isn't i-size, but the level of paranoia mothers go through is no joking matter

  • Cheers. So what's the Goldilocks I'm aiming for?

    Depends on what you're cutting. Apply shears to for e.g. hedge, see what happens.

    Blades forced apart = apply more tightness
    Blades too much effort = apply less tightness

  • It's more a frustration about spending more than anything.

    Rant thread >>>>>>>>>>>>

  • If it'll last until they're a decent age you'll definitely get your money's worth...and if it'll only do a year or so, then just have another.

    We bought a cheapo one for holiday rental cars and our Cybex ones are just so much nicer from a padding POV if that makes you feel better.

  • Thanks đź‘Ť

  • Anyone seen any forks in stock anywhere? I need some 1 1/8'', preferably full carbon, 45 deg rake, standard QR ends. The Columbus Futura Caliper SL is ideal but I can't find it in stock anywhere in the UK and the EU shops like Bike24 don't ship here any more.

  • Has anyone transferred through Amsterdam recently? Is it possible at all? Will I need to show them a PCR test result?

    I'm flying London to Berlin tomorrow, via Amsterdam. I'm fully vaccinated. Germany are happy to just take my vaccine certificate but I'm not sure I'll be allowed on the plane to Amsterdam at all, or if the Amsterdam Shiphol riot squad will just chuck a bag over my head and toss me in a van.

  • not transferred, but thought of visiting the netherlands, they want a negative test result when you are from a "high risk or very high risk " area, but I dont know if UK is high risk area now.
    also note:
    "Passengers are exempt if they:

    are on a flight whose final destination is not in the Netherlands but which has to divert to a Dutch airport due to unforeseen circumstances.

    For example, if due to a storm an aircraft travelling from New York to Frankfurt must land at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

    These travellers must still present a health declaration."­irus-covid-19/visiting-the-netherlands-f­rom-abroad/mandatory-negative-test-resul­ts-and-declaration

  • IS shipping to UK, min order ÂŁ175 inc shipping. I bought a pair of their own-brand Radon 26er forks the other day.

  • Yep I got a load of tyres and some other bits from Bike Discount as well recently, it was a bargain until I got the charge for customs duty and VAT on entry... then not so much!

  • My mate got a new bike and asked what this thing was that came with it. Couldn’t tell him.

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  • Mudguard mount? What bike?

  • Domane I reckon, maybe checkpoint, and yeah, removable bridge for mudguards, couple of little bolts on the underside of the seat stays

  • Ah nice one, that’ll be it. It’s a Specialized hybrid / gravel something

  • Sirrus X?

  • Why is tank fields (Dulwich college) called tank fields?

  • Used to be W.C. but the family objected.

  • Mudguard mount which comes with a Specialized Diverge. Attaches to the underside of the seatstays.

  • They have a weird (but not uncommon) obsession with war and alumni who have served for the military.
    You might find your answer in the "Dulwich College War Record"

  • I was hoping it might be related to "tanks parked here for ww2".

  • Nahh they were just water bois

    I remember our head-quarters in an old pavilion in the "Tank Field", named after the war-time Emergency Water Tanks.­rs/35-spring-2008/47-the-fort-grange-lan­e

  • I was hoping it might be related to "tanks parked here for ww2".

    Close, but the wrong type of tank.­d-groundsmans-passion-at-dulwich-college­.html

  • â­•

  • Thanks. Disappointed no tanks were parked there.

  • I've moved to a new flat and I'd like to hang some pictures up. Normally I'd just nail in some picture hooks but my girlfriend is keen to use adhesive hooks as we're renting.

    Has anyone had any (positive/negative) experience with them before?

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Any question answered...

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