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  • Okay heading out shortly so I’ll take them in arm and see how I get on. Honestly assumed most charity shops wouldn’t take CDs due to time sorting and space etc..

  • Keep The Kinks and The Jam and either take the rest to a charity shop or sell them to these people:­ent/

    They'll then be re-sold in Poundland for £1.

  • This is the pile they won’t take unfortunately. Ive also got enough kinks and jam. But cheers.

    Did wonder what they did with them. I assumed Amazon.

  • That Graham Coxon album is great.

  • And Hot Love Now has excellent b-sides

    the rest is tat though

  • Ah, I see. Odd that they won't take those--the ones you see in Poundland are about 50% 90s rubbish.

  • Strangely apt that The Wonder Stuff released 'Unbearable'.

  • If you're storing stuff in cardboard boxes in an outbuilding, what's the best thing to use to keep them off the floor to avoid any damp problems?

  • What would cause just the light circuit to trip all by itself, with no lights turned on, in the middle of the day?

    And could it have anything to do with the apartment upstairs doing noisy DIY?Or that it is raining?

    (We live in a purpose built apartment block in Spain)

  • Most likely raining is causing an short circuit to earth somewhere, the DIY may be responsible but less likely unless they are interfering with the lighting circuit somehow

  • Electron siesta

  • They’ve either drilled/screwed/nailed through a cable, or something has gotten wet that shouldn’t have.

    Does it trip if you put it back on? Is it an MCB that’s tripped, RCD or RCBO?

    If you’re not sure about those, take a photo of your board and show us where it tripped.

  • I have a bike with a Chris King headset (1 and 1/8" threadless) and some new forks to put on it.

    Do I need a Chris King crown race? Or is there a cheaper and more easily available (e.g. LBS will have it in stock) alternative?


  • Do I need a Chris King crown race?

    Yes, they are proprietary, but you can take the old one off your existing fork

  • Apologies for the cross-post from the bike storage thread, but does anyone have any tips for security for storing bikes in a old lock-up style garage in London? It has an old up-and-over door. Am mulling adding some reinforcements to the door or even replacing it with something sturdier (although have to negotiate that with neighbours), and either getting Sheffield stands sunk into the cement floor for security or putting something less secure but more elegant up on the wall to store the bikes vertically.

  • Cross post from the DIY thread

    Anyone know what combination of buttons does a hard reset on an indesit washing machine?
    Stuck in a programme loop I think.

  • switch it off from the wall socket?

  • Tried that and it seems to be in the same programme when it comes back on.
    I think it's just broken...

  • Is this subforum the right place to put a request out for a graphic designer/illustrator for a single freelance piece of work? It's to make a cartoony-ish infographic/illustration for something cycling-related, I have a brief, the content, and a rough mockup already but it's just a small piece of work rather than an Actual Role. Or is this AQA the place?

  • My garage, and most of my neighbours garages have one of these installed.­rage-defender/79478

  • Thanks. Checking with Laka if they’d count that as making a garage secure…

  • Thanks for the replies all. Originally it was immediately tripping if I out the switch in the board up. And now it is working fine, which makes me think something got wet.

    Landlord can deal with it on Monday.

  • My only issue with a lot of those is if you take a light golfing swing at them with a sledgehammer they come straight out the ground. The worst ones you can just put a crowbar under and lift them out.

    My preference for up and over doors if you can fit them is a pair of meaty door bolts (ie 20-25mm thick bolts) and two different padlocks with the biggest tight fitting concealed shackles that will fit through the holes. The bolts want to be big enough that they’ll take enough time to get through with a grinder for it to be a pain in the arse, tight-fitting concealed shackles so they can’t be cropped off the bolts, and two different padlocks so that there are two different types of lock to have to pick or two different shapes of padlock to have to mechanically attack.

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Any question answered...

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