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  • Is there any equivalent to GSM Arena for televisions?

  • Thank you. Means a lot

  • Those single portaloos people often have outside their house when they are having building work done - are they left unlocked outside of working hours?

  • This is not legal advice, but last I checked trespassing on private property wasn’t yet a criminal offence. If you’re desperate and can do it without damage to property or people (think of the children!) then you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • I figured it would be a champion spot in an emergency

  • obviously you've never been close enough to smell the biohazard that is a tradie's shitter

  • It's Chinese and dependent on which dialect you speak it's pronounced differently.

    It's usually a gift at weddings, wishing the couple a blessed wedding and usually of 916 (21 carat) or 999 (24 carat) given your comment if its origin.

    There should be a hallmark somewhere which could be a bit fudged given that it's stamped post production.

  • I've seen this reported elsewhere. Why have they blurred out the driver's face? He's in a public location, can have no reasonable expectation of privacy under privacy laws, and as far as I can see there's no reason to protect his identity other than to save a despicable arsehat from the natural consequences of his actions. So why do it?

  • I’m only guessing, but if his harassment wasn’t captured on camera would bbc be cautious of showing his face for fear that he could claim he never said anything and is being slandered?

  • I need to do a quick repair on a pair of specs - acetate frame. Is Gorilla contact adhesive going to react with either the acetate or the lens (high-index plastic)? I know it's not the ideal glue but it's what I've got, I just don't want to melt the frame or haze the lens while I'm at it.

  • It’ll almost certainly bugger the lenses. I wouldn’t risk it!

  • Try a little bit on the end of the arm to see if it melts the acetate. Remove the lenses before gluing. It takes 24hrs to fully harden. I've never managed to glue a frame with any long term success but I've not tried many either. Normally the repair fails because there's too much stress on too little surface area.

  • Good advice, I did the arm test and no damage. Left the lens in place because they kind of 'pop' in rather than tighten up with a screw and no way that would hold up. I'm not expecting it to last, I just need to be able to wear these until I can get replacement, I'm a bit blind without!

  • Normally the repair fails because there's too much stress on too little surface area.

    A little trick that model builders use is to drill a small hole in each end and pin it with 1mm brass rod then glue.

  • The break is where there's a little 1mm wide brass post that locates the nosepad foot into the edge of the frame. It's a weak point in an otherwise good pair of frames (3rd time I've had the same style fail in the same place - this one's lasted a couple of years).

  • I have a pair I fixed with super glue that has lasted years. Avoid getting it on the lens and you should be fine.

  • I have another pair that broke at the front/arm hinge that I mended with Sugru - you can't fold the arm in any more but it's perfect otherwise.

  • Why don’t pro sports stadiums have a medical/golf cart to get the medical team in situ faster? It’s not that expensive, and surely it’s better than having to wait for a guy to grab his kit and run across the field, then wait for another 4 guys to bring a stretcher. Heck even a cargo trike would be better.

  • One of these saved me from having a shit in a bush in Leipzig at 9am. I'll be forever grateful.

  • They've done it in the past, appeared to be slower once it all got going.

  • Someone on here mentioned frames being made somewhere in South America. Can’t for the life of me remember where it was mentioned.

  • Marino in Peru?

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Any question answered...

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