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  • something that will shave my head

    I have an HC4250 purchased 2017-02 & it’s still doing OK. I don’t have very much hair any more, but I do use it for beard/stubble trimming too.

  • Wahl Super Taper clippers ought to last a bit longer. May see you through, in fact.

    Cordless are still a bit shit compared to corded IMO. I have some Li Ion Super Tapers but they’re not as good as the real thing and a fair bit more expensive. Plenty of battery life, but are not quite as wide as the corded ones, don’t cut as effectively, combs are a bit flimsy, not the same build quality etc.

  • I've had a Babyliss Chrome Clipper Kit (model 693U) for the last ~20 years and it is still going strong. Never taken apart, never even applied any of the oil. It just gets used once a month with the #1 guard on for the head and then with no guard to take the beard off (and then I might wet shave) and tidy up. I shave in the kitchen where I can then sweep it all up. Clippers get wiped down with a piece of dry kitchen towel at the end.

    I think I paid £30 for it all those years ago and it has probably saved me £000's in hairdresser/barber costs.

    That specific model doesn't seem to be available any more, but points to the fact that the bottom of the range Babyliss might just be a starting point (unless that's what you've been doing already).


    These seem to be holding up pretty well, I believe are a Wahl clone. Hefty full metal body, usb rechargeable - take wahl guards.

  • Wahl Pro clipper user here. First machine worked for over 40 years, used every 3-4 weeks.
    I've had the Wahl one I replaced it with in bits . It is nowhere nearly as well made, but still pretty Tonka.

  • Just. Buy. Wahl.

  • I rate my Andis, bought it when my old (made in Canada, yes, that old) Wahl died.
    It’s this one­uct//?item-no=04603

  • Busking amp recommendations?

    I am suddenly roadie, dj, event manager at an alt woodland burial where there is no p.a. or power (or clue).

    Must have inputs for an instrument and a mic - connections for a mobile device would be great. Should be powerful enough for 100 people to stop fiddling with their phones and pay attention in the open-air.
    Budget is: £ “Just get me through this please”


  • Wouldn’t it be easier to hire a small (quiet) generator?

  • May well have to! I’m trying to minimise the complexity and number of boxes. It’s extra awkward because the location is Bristol and I am in London and I have to walk everything up to the location.

  • I have to walk everything


  • Yeah. Hence ‘clue’ in the o.p. ^

    It will be done somehow!

  • I have a guitar tech mate who lives in Bath, I’ll ask him if he has any ideas.

  • I live with a few musicians. One has a battery powered Roland Street Cube amp for busking. It's pretty good and has two inputs. There is also the bigger "EX" version at twice the price.

  • Thanks! This is exactly the recommendation I needed. Now to find one : )

  • What are my options for a silver stem that will go with a Thomson post (but ideally isn’t £85 for the Thomson X4 -10). Must be 4 bolt. The new silver Zipps look to be a slightly different finish. Maybe a Kalloy uno + acetone?

  • Edit- wrong thread 🤷♂️

  • Anyone know of any silver 700c rims in 24 hole, ideally medium profile but could be low profile, for rim brakes, in stock anywhere?

    Need to replace an A23 and it’s proving difficult to find an in stock option.

  • Spa cycles have a 24h ambrosio p20 on their website

  • thanks a lot

  • Does anyone have any idea what this symbol means? It was my Gran’s and she told me a friend brought it back as a gift from Hong Kong.

    Thank you

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  • I think it means "double happiness"

  • Thanks @danb. Which language do you think it is?

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Any question answered...

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