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  • Cheers for that, that's what I had guessed the process was. Reassuring to hear that it's not too complicated a task!

    @Eseman, thanks, I'll check them out.

  • yeah they're in the basement, you'll have to ask someone to let you in though.

  • If I'm buying a bike second hand from Germany, am I likely to get slapped with a customs/VAT/whatever charge whenever it arrives in the country now that Brexit is a proper thing innit?

    If so, is there any way to avoid this?

  • Removing bb30 bearings from a bb30a shell, should I tap out the bearings from the inside race (red arrow) or the black metal casing (yellow arrow)? And does the whole casing (blue arrow) come out?

    I expected to see some circlips somewhere but nothing yet.

    @snottyotter, I tried the expanded pipe on the bearing (red arrow) but it couldn’t get enough purchase on the available material. It kept popping past the bearing and back out the other side.

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  • That looks like a PF30 frame, so you'd knock the whole cup out with the bearing inside it and replace the lot with new cups. Googling B3204 brings up replacements but there may well be a nicer wheelsmfg or similar thread together option you might want to upgrade to that you can then replace just the bearings on in the future.

  • If anyone here has moved into a big name strategy consulting firm mid-career, I’d be very interested in having a chat with you. Please PM. :)

  • 😂

    Take him down!

  • Plug in air purifiers. Do they work?
    My main use would be lessening the lingering smell from cooking etc.

  • Cooking smells yummy though.

  • Get a wet dog, a little more expensive overall but that will cover the smell of any cooking.

  • Anyone know where I could buy a few of the "Road Open To" signs like this:­bike-blog/2020/sep/03/road-closed-open-s­igns-low-traffic-neighbourhoods

    (I help run a School Street outside some local schools and I'd like to get a couple of these to hang from the barriers we stick out front to stop the motor vehicles.)

  • Any bib short brands recommended for people with long upper bodies / midriffs? Just had to return an expensive pair of Assos shorts as despite being in the height range for that size, the shorts ended up so low they felt very uncomfortable and lower stomach area visible below the line of my jersey. Not a good look.

    Very little stock available in stores here in Helsinki so I'll need to be ordering online as I won't be able to try anything on.

  • A lot of bibs chat in here:­54

    Try a search, and failing that re-post your Q there :)

  • Answering my own question as I got a response from twitter...

    Anyone know where I could buy a few of the "Road Open To" signs like this:­en-sign-correx/

  • We found having one helped with the lingering cigarette smell when we moved here. And maybe keeps some of the renovation dust at bay in the room it lives in (our bedroom).

  • Does anyone have any car hire excess insurance recommendations for non-UK residents? Just found out our usual, iCarHire, don't cover us now our official country of residence is Spain.

  • I've been getting 403 errors from Southwark council website for a few days - anyone know what's up with that? is it just me?

  • Works for me, maybe limited to Canadian access only.

  • Just tried - works for me. (Chrome on Windows machine - in UK)

  • huh. ok, just me then. I'll try from another browser.

  • Some questions for the Forum Lufgusum:

    I witnessed a neighbour’s kid (10-14 y/o) fly tipping a large box onto the pavement outside a school that routinely has rubbish dumped on it. When I saw him 8 seconds later he had donned (not dawned) a black balaclava (yes, matched his blue Adidas tracksuit and black Adidas trainers nicely) and was talking to his dad outside their house. The mum later arrived with a car seat matching the box.

    Would it be anti-social on my part to return their misplaced box to their doorstep tonight, after taking pics for evidence? Would it be anti-social to also leave a note saying I saw the brat do it and next time I’m calling the cops? Was the boy meant to be at school if this happened at noon?

    Separately, the Amazon parcel box at Maudsley hospital, is that for public access and use? Where is the thing?

    Removing words.

  • Never easy to start a conversation like that, but you could knock on the door with the box, for them to take back and dispose of properly (who knows what will actually happen), and explain what you saw. It's sad but for me it would probably depend on how I thought they might react - could it be verbal abuse or worse, or a genuine 'yep, shouldn't have happened, thanks'. Best of luck whatever!

  • a genuine 'yep, shouldn't have happened, thanks'

    That definitely happened once, but it was in an episode of Clare in the Community, so probably unrepresentative.

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Any question answered...

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