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  • Nah, they're made exclusively for fat bouncers outside dodgy bars and clubs.

  • Where food/nutrition is concerned, hopefully!
    My personal boycott won't affect them,
    as, I'm pretty certain I hadn't bought anything from them this century anyway.
    No need for any supplements with a balanced diet.

  • bouncers

    Reported for bouncism.
    Members of the Door Security community have worked hard to free themselves of the legacy of their formerly unregulated profession.

  • formerly unregulated profession

    The violent drug-dealing pimp doing door duty at my local strip club wore his SIA licence on his sleeve in the approved manner. It was genuine, too, unlike the passport he used for identification when obtaining it.

    I don't have much experience of door staff, but what I do have clearly indicates that the current regulations make practically no difference.

  • I am unashamedly bouncist, having employed several as labourers, always briefly. Guaranteed to bend tools before lunch and unable to lift a feather thereafter. The local bouncer King had to ask me to stop as they were no good when I returned them used.

  • I agree,
    it was a Friday night attempt at humour.

  • Did they carry a deposit?

  • Invariably, of cheap coke.

  • Pay saga update:

    My boss has been in constant comms with HR this week and this morning she said she has instructed them to pay me by Monday and just before 5pm, payroll got in touch to my personal email (the one I used to apply for this job) asking me to email them my bank details and instructed me to correct my bank details on the HE system and what emailed me on my personal email? I nearly didn’t open the email it looked like a scam. Anyway, my bank details have always been right so...WTF! But hopefully I’ll get paid on Monday if they act on Monday and use the normal faster payment not the western union or sth.

    I told my boss is this an advanced salary because HR still insists the money is missing, because if it was, I’d want to throw the law at them before accepting the money. She told me she has instructed them to pay me on Monday and leave me alone.

    So hopefully it’s sorted now. Now the question is, will I get paid for May? 🙄

    I have to say though, I haven’t had a boss who is so on the ball for years. So at least there something positive. 😁

  • is there a good way to use a 400mm a-c carbon fork in place of a 408mm steel fork? I guess like a 8mm thick crown race or something.

  • this is crazy btw, as if you'd go in and change the last digit of your bank account number. if there's loads of your colleagues also had payroll issues it might be something for the union to be picking up anyway, even if you get paid monday. not on your behalf specifically but collectively.

  • something for the union to be picking up anyway

    Heck there are some unions who would jump at the chance to prove to their workers why they need them. ‘The company constantly refused to pay people and then blamed them’ is a union leader’s wet dream.

    I’d be looking at the internal risk profiles of the people in accounting. Wouldn’t be the first time someone ‘borrowed’ cash from the company bag.

  • You can do the maths for yourself, but the chances are that 8mm is a small enough difference that you'll ride around it with no trouble.

    An extended crown race is possible and wouldn't be hard to make, it's just turning. The "high BB" option pack on the old Isaac Velocity included one

  • I am not sure if this is my fight to be honest. This not paying people saga goes back years appearing and I have a feeling the union knows about it. I am still with my old union as I have a lot of unfinished work with them.

    I have been a union rep for a long time and the truth is, sometimes we are told to go softly and not go all gun blazing. It frustrates me a lot of the times but bottom line has always been as long as the members eventually get their issues resolved, in my case, get paid, then that’s the end of the matter. Unless the members are so passionate about fighting for justice which is rare.

    However, once the money is safely in my pocket and I’ll pick this up with others and the union to get a feel.

    Re the wrong bank details, I still think sometime entered it wrong on payroll and trying to blame me so they don’t get into trouble. But who knows, maybe someone did pocket it and it’s a known thing they are trying to cover it up? Who knows. There is no way the money is simply gone if the account they told me they used doesn’t exist, which I have proven to be the case. The turning point was really on Wed when I pressed for them to show me exactly what bank details they used to “pay me” and my boss losing it.

    Or maybe they are just all simply blind and can’t check their bank balance properly.

  • Is there a recommended charity to donate to which will help the people of Gaza?

  • I've knackered the threads on a set of fairly new cranks (not sure how, the pedal just came out after a few hundred miles). Any recommendations for somewhere to sort them out? I'm thinking they'll need drilling out and a new thread inserting. South London preferable but happy to post if needs be.

  • not sure how

    Nearly always incorrect (too little) installation torque

  • You can get a helicoil repair -new threads cut to a larger size (usually 5/8ths x 20) and a threaded bushing with an interior 9/16th x 20 thread fitted.
    This is a dead common repair any proper bike (repair) shop will do it.
    Cranks need to be solid aluminium alloy (or steel 😉)

  • Anyone done jury service at the Old Bailey?
    Do they have secure bike ‘parking’?

  • I assume you have you tried threading the pedal from the reverse side of the crank to clean the threads out then refitting on the correct side? Might work if the threads aren't too far gone

  • I locked to some railings across the road but I can't remember if it's because they didn't have anything better or I didn't ask.

  • Thanks, I’m assuming they have showers and changing rooms right?


  • A mate had his cranks done at Bom Velo in Herne Hill (they’re also in west Norwood), and was pleased with them.

  • I have but no luck!

  • Almost certainly user error! Just seemed odd that they were fine for quite a while and then suddenly not.

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Any question answered...

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