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  • Is it fine to knock bearings out of a bb30 shell in a carbon frame with a hammer and a flathead?

  • If you don't mess it up, I guess so. You not got a bit of pipe so you can bodge up something like this so it's at least coming out straight?

  • I actually have one of those. Didn’t think of using it for this application. Cheers

  • No worries.

  • That'll do the job nicely, had no idea such a product existed. Thanks!

  • You need to establish that "a workshop/garage" can do the job for you at a cost you agree with, or if it is under warranty, when they want it. Then either they can come and retrieve it from you or you can arrange its collection and delivery by a suitable transport. I don't think arriving somewhere with your broken vehicle and expecting them to welcome you with open arms is going to end well. Many garages have their own recovery or have a pet firm they use, so contact the workshop first and get a time slot then see how the vehicle is going to get there.

  • I am going to buy a set of square-taper cranks with a 44mm chainline.

    My rear hub is 130mm 10speed.

    What spindle/axle length do I need for the bottom bracket?

  • I'm after buying some supplements - mostly for my joints (sore hands/fingers as a result of climbing and lots of power tool use at work).

    Where's a good place to buy cod liver oil capsules, glucosamine, chondroitin, vit D etc? Are those a reasonable selection? I've taken all of them previously although not all together. Any other ideas?

  • Holland and Barrett? Worth waiting until they've got a decent sale on. Would add a Vitamin B complex to that list for the luminous piss alone

  • What spindle/axle length do I need for the bottom bracket?

    Whatever length is implied by the stated 44mm chainline, which could be anywhere between 102 and 111 depending on which cranks. Assuming the cranks/ring clear the chainstay, 44mm chainline is fine for a 1×10 road build

  • It’s worth checking Tesco for the common stuff like cod liver oil. It’s often cheaper than Boots or Holland and Barrett. Boots almost always have their vits on 3-for-2 as well, which will often work in your favour if you want combinations. Holland and Barrett for anything obscure; they have everything.

  • Do you, or a friend, have Costco membership?

  • I've got H&B on a boycott list since they were taken over by a Russian oligarch.

  • H&B always seemed quite expensive.
    I’m always curious about the relative qualities of supplements too.

    Deep into google I go.

  • While this seems like an admirable sentiment, are you also boycotting literally everything with any Chinese content, on the grounds that there is no such thing as private business in China and the government is also in the process of carrying out at least one genocide?

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  • Yeah H&B is expensive at full whack! They quite often have decent sales on though, like buy one get one for a penny or what have you.

  • What kind of bug are these?

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  • I'm not saying you should do nothing because you can't do everything, it just struck me that not patronising western businesses owned by Russians would be a long way down the list of things to try.

  • I found Wilko’s have a decent selection. I buy their high-strength glucosamine, vit D and omega 3-6-9 when it’s in stock. I’m not convinced that glucosamine does anything, mind.

  • Myprotein have a good selection of stuff and a quick search shows they also do "the joint" aimed specifically at joint pain. Never pay the advertised price though, they always have a variety of discount codes, if they're not shouting about a discount code have a google for codes first or download something like Honey.­on/the-joint/12014204.html

  • Ended up going with my protein and got a mix of stuff I’m familiar with in quantities to do me for the next year. And yeah, got an extra 37% off with a code (alongside the already extra 50% off best sellers). Pointless really, but I guess people love a discount. Prices were extortionate before discount, lol.

    Bought some protein powder so I can annoy my wife with my farts too. Simple things.

  • Are these really jackets used by / made for the British Army?

    Where can I buy a new one?

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Any question answered...

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