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  • They will want it back, I suspect, as I've told them they've paid twice.

  • Here is another I didn't get paid story, I had been with them for about a year. 1 month, nobody got paid except the boss, so she was like what's going on, payroll then said, oops, sorry, we forgot, can we pay your team at once next month because it'd cost us £x to do each bank trasnfer. My boss then told them where to stick it and gave them a deadline of 5pm that day. I think her exact wording was you fucked it up, you fix it now, my team has x, y and z outgoings, your mess isn't not the fault, pay them now or I am coming to find you tomorrow morning.

    Of coruse we all got paid that afternoon.

    I love that boss, don't mess with her.

  • Pay saga update:

    HR insists the payment went through to someone, I have asked them what bank details exactly did they use! Someone is lying!

  • "Good for you, that someone wasn't me. I'm not here for the good of my health, pay me"

    Down tools until they do.

  • Might have to come to that soon.

  • They are in breach of contract and Employment Rights Act 1996 by not paying you
    They are in breach of Data Protection Act / GDPR by not using the details you supplied / making changes without your consent.

    I would be taking more formal action, and requesting a written account of what happened from their side, make a written account of what happened from your side.

    See if ACAS have any advice

  • I spoke to my union yesterday, i know what formal actions need to be taken. Thing is, my boss is very helpful so I want to give her till end of this week to see if we can’t sort of her way. She is not one of those lying ones and she is very sorry. So for her. I am holding off formal actions.

  • That's very considerate of you, but it is letting them off the hook. I am a big fan of my workplace (currently), and they have been very good to me. But they are my employer, they pay me for my services rendered. If one have of that transaction failed, I'd be damn sure to make a stink/down tools until it was resolved. I know that HR/payroll would be similarly strict if my side of the bargain was not upheld.

    I am very lucky to not be living paycheque to paycheque, but other's do not have that luxury.

    From the sounds of it, there was a legitimate fuck up, which can be forgiven. But trying to pin the blame on you and not resolving the error, is inexcusable. Even if it had been your error, to punish you by withholding salary, is fucking inhuman.

    There is zero reason they could not have arranged a same day transfer and sorted out their fuck up on their own time.

    Fuck 'em, charge them interested too.

    They're making me angry, and I don't even work for them.

  • Yap totally agree. I will give it till tomorrow then throw the law at them. Fun fact (not really), I spoke to a few of my peers and everyone has experienced being paid late their first month's wage ranging from 1 to 4 months.

    Luckily I am like you, not living pay cheque to pay cheque, but that's none of their business.

    I am currenrly doing CPD and working on a project that I have started and can/will take with me when I leave this place, neither of these were on my to do list this week, but I have shifted my priority, so that's my soft protest.

  • Quality post, @stevo_com, you said it all.

  • @chez_jay and @DethBeard writing my angry email re my pay now, in order to shut them up once and for all, just 1 question, if the money is held in a suspense account, how long would it take before it gets returned automatically? Or would they have to request it? And I guess the money is held in the payer's bank? Or the payee's? As I have now learnt that the bank details are invalid, but the sort code is Barclays.

    I knwo you have all said it's on them to do the leg work, but as you can imagine, they keep coming back with excuses and excuses so the only way to back them to a corner properly is tell them exacly what should have happened and if ACAS eventually had to get inovlved then I can show I have taken more than enough reasonable steps to try and resolve it.

    ACAS is a funny one, they can be a bit... meh... you sort it out first.

  • question: do i need to book with a garage before i arrange for vehicle recovery? if not what is the process? (head gasket fail)

  • how long would it take before it gets returned automatically? Or would they have to request it? And I guess the money is held in the payer's bank? Or the payee's? As I have now learnt that the bank details are invalid, but the sort code is Barclays.

    None of this is anything to do with you. Their cashflow isn't your problem (in this instance). You shouldn't have to wait for the money to come back from their error before you get paid.

  • Your email needs to be short and to the point "I reported issue on X date. Money in my account by Y date or I walk/escalate/whatever."

    Putting any more details in just invites nitpicking.

  • I had never considered not phoning ahead to the garage. If you just rock up, you've no idea if/when they could get around to taking a look.

  • Does anyone have or know where i can find a legit geometry chart for the Cinelli Mash 2009 benny gold frameset?

  • wish me luck... just heard another colleague whom they haven't paid and it's been 3 months...

  • If this is happening regularly it's probably one of two things. They've either got cash flow problems or they don't give a fuck about the people who work there. In either case I'd walk before it all comes crashing down.

  • We don't have cash flow problem, we are just a very famour player in the sector so they are arrrogant, this goes back years.

  • Great they also fucked up my tax!

  • @stevo_com thanks, not thinking straight. appointment made

  • Has anyone got any ideas for mounting a light using a muguard mount on the inside of a seatstay? Even better if it'll work with the guard attached as well.

    1 Attachment

    • Screenshot_20210513-115835.png
  • Just use the mudguard eyelet for the mudguard, and use one of these?

    Alternatively one of those fork brake boss equivalents to one of those, with a suitably bent / offset mount coming off the guard boss?

  • You could use a disc brake adaptor (IS to post mount)

  • Something like KoMA if it doesn't interfere with the chain or cassette?

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Any question answered...

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