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  • Anyone know anywhere with 10 spd cassettes in stock?

    I've got a few (and a new 10sp chain) I have no need for now. What size do you need?

  • anything that goes up to 36t.
    I have a new chain, so I want a new cassette to go with it ideally

  • 50mL Kiwi is D=72mm H=24mm. No date mark as far as I can see, could be up to 20 years old

  • Amazing, thank you - also @ffm, struggling to search without that term.

  • Marvelous, thanks

  • Does anyone know what the limiting factor of chainring guards is ... i.e. if I fit one that recommends 42t minimum, and I'm using a 40, what will happen? Scrapy chain when shifted to the smallest cog?

  • where in London, preferably south/west (physical bike shop) can I buy a front mech clamp that isn't the mpart one, in 31.8mm? I want something nicer looking but would like to pick one up tomorrow

  • Scrapy chain when shifted to the smallest cog?

    Probably not, but yes, that is eventually the limit. The radius change on a ½" pitch roller chain sprocket is only 2mm per tooth, so it would have to be within a fag paper of touching to start with for 2 teeth to make it fail.

  • Anyone else having inaccurate results when clicking on “in reply to”? It’ll (usually) take me to the right page, but almost never the right spot.

  • It's probably due to the age-old problem of embedded images causing the page not to come up at the right place.

  • It really should only happen where there are images. I think. It happened on vBulletin, too, and seems like an unsolved problem in browsers. I don't really know what I'm talking about, though.

  • Update on my pay saga:

    HR is now refusing to engage with me, but that's fine because as per your advice, I wasn't going to engage further with them anyway. My boss has been on the case, so I will hold back on the union line for now. But I did speak to my union and they are ready for a fight in case things turn ugly. We have a plan in place.

    Having saying all that, I couldn't resist and tried to pay that incorrect bank account £1 and guess what, it woudn't go through because the account simply doesn't exist.

    On my screen, as soon as I typed in the sort code and account number, it says "sorry, the system doesn't recognoise that sort code/account number. Please check it and try again."

    So my boss has just ask them the big question - where is the money? If the account they claimed to have sent the money to doens't exist, what are they recalling?

    This is good news I think in some werid twisted way.

  • I work in payroll and can confirm payments can "go through" in the BACS process, but if the account does not exist, the funds will be returned to the sender. This can take a few days (I actually had this last month, payment was due to be credited on Friday, back in our account by Tuesday and re-drawn to the correct details)

    There is a small chance the bank is holding it in a suspense account, but probably not.

    Your company finance department need to check their bank account for a return of the amount you should have been paid. You could probably ask them this yourself
    "Hi finance, can you confirm a rejected salary payment has been returned? £1234.56 due to be credited on 28th April. Thanks, ExTra"

  • Cheers, this is good to know. I was just talking to a colleague and we think finance just didn't bother checking. As of last Friday, they told me they did all the checks and are recalling the money, this what annoys me, if the money has been returned and it should have by now then it really suggests to me someone can't be arsed to check. They are so insistance that they did nothing wrong and we need to let the banks do their thing, but what thing?

    I will email them now and see what they say...

  • I have been told by many we are famous for not paying people....

  • Also, have you updated your details to the correct ones?
    You don't want to be doing this again after payday

  • Yes of course! And double checked it, took a screenshot and will be emailing this screenshot to myself so there is a date stamp.

    Oh by the way, my boss told me “I have already asked HR/finance (to check their balance) in less perfect wording” she probably told them to fuck off already.

    Not sure if you saw my OP over the weekend, I gave them the correct details but for some reason between the starter form and April pay day, it ends up being wrong on the system and they are blaming me. It really sound like someone fucked up and not willing to own up to it.

    I shall keep you posted once I hear more, ideally to get paid.

  • Ironically it looks as though I've just been paid twice for one job, once by the solicitor and once by the lay client, with the second payment having been made yesterday.

  • This is a proper wtf story

  • Don’t I know it. All evidence points towards HR fucked up and not willing to own up. Very typical of HR in our sector I am afraid.

  • Don't spend it all yet in case they want it back. ;-)

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Any question answered...

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