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  • This. Grab the wheel and wham on the crank usually does the trick, too lazy to grab the Shimano quick link tool (Yes, you read that right...).

  • I don't even have one.

  • It's also quite fun having a go at removing them without the tool

  • Do you know the bring it round as a little triangle on the big ring and twat it in the right place trick?

  • Yeah, though usually my 'push together and wiggle' technique works. That Shimano combo tool isn't exactly cheap and it hardly sees any action 😅

  • If Alpha is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet, then what is the "A" at the start of Alpha? That can't be Alpha too.

  • If Alpha is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet, then what is the "A" at the start of Alpha? That can't be Alpha too.

    If Zed is the last letter of the English Alphabet, then what is the "Z" at the start of Zed? That can't be Zed too.

  • what is the "A" at the start of Alpha?

    Presumably alfalfa 😀

  • 'Alpha' is the name of the letter written using the Roman alphabet. It would have been written as 'A' in upper case or 'α' in lower case in the Greek alphabet. The Greeks wouldn't have written 'Alpha', they'd simply have used 'A' or 'α'. In the same way that we wouldn't write 'double-u', just W or w.

  • I don't think you'll get a beta answer than that.

  • The Greeks wouldn't have written 'Alpha'

    Except when showing how to pronounce it­BB%CF%86%CE%B1

  • I've got a big plastic storage box that I used outside. It became brittle and cracked. I want to cut up and drill a few of the pieces to make replacement widgets for something.

    Is there some sort of plastic annealing type process to make it less brittle?

    I just forsee getting 80% of the way through and it cracking when I drill.


  • UV rays have gone and fucked it - it is toast.

  • I'd like to see my credit rating / file.

    I don't need to. But I would like to.

    Any reason why using Clearscore to do this is a bad idea?

  • I hope not. I've used Clearscore and Credit Karma for a little while and haven't seen any issues.

  • I use Experian (free) and one that is on my banking app.

    They differ by 12%


    There are 3 different reports and you can get all of them for free. Clearscore, Credit Karma, MSE Credit Club

    I guess Clearscore looks the nicest but other than that I wouldn't say there's any good reason to pick one over another. Maybe Experian/MSE Credit Club is the largest and most commonly used I guess.

  • Thanks all. Tried Experian, was quick and painless.

    Score was top so fuck you barclaycard and your refusal to up my credit limit. In the bin with you.

  • I am considering using a bike that is currently used as fixed gear, that has 130mm rear spacing with track dropouts.
    As far as I can see, the problem solvers derailleur hanger could be an option.
    In the description they precise "If you want to use this tensioner with a quick release hub, check out the Surly Bikes Tuggnut QR adaptor" ; however, this doesn't seem to be available anywhere in Europe. Would the derailleur hanger work without these adapters?

    EDIT: alternatively, seems like SunXCD does one also, adaptors are not mentioned but I can't see how it is different from the problem solver one

  • Maybe contact Charlie at

    Pretty sure he can get most things surly.

  • ah, thanks for the tip! based in France but it appears he can post to Europe, which would be great.
    However, I am still trying to figure out why the adaptor is needed ; probably centering the QR axle in the track dropouts that are larger in dameter?

  • Anyone know where I can buy a pair of Gravel Kings in 26” x 2.1, in black?

    Bike24 won’t ship to the UK, Bluelug want £50 for postage, and I can’t find any in stock anywhere else...

  • Does anybody know if it’s legal to advertise a rental property as ‘adults only - no kids’?

    I don’t have kids but it has annoyed me to the point of wanting to scratch my eyes out.

  • No idea but the UK supplier doesn’t look like it has any stock of black brown till September or black black till 2022

  • See plenty of places that say 60+ or No Students also

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Any question answered...

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