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  • Is it possible for an ebay seller to change the original item description after a sale?
    Asking for me.

  • Unrelated, recommended Air Print printer?

  • If your vendor had left a van load of stuff in your new house that they and you didn’t want would you be happy stumping up £300 to get rid of it?

  • @Clever_Pun I left the same sort of stuff as you in a cupboard, absolutely in good faith, and got moaned at. There was also a compost heap in the garden (out of sight and mostly grass cuttings and leaf mould, not rotting banana peels), which they referred to as a "heap of garden rubbish" that they also wanted removed. I told my solicitor who laughed and sent them a letter telling them not to harass me, I never heard anything more

  • AFAIK airprint just uses bonjour, which most current printers support.
    I always like brother lasers for home printers, and connect it via ethernet cable for better reliability.

  • You can add to it but you can’t revise the original text after you’ve had bids.

  • AFAIK airprint just uses bonjour, which most current printers support.
    I always like brother lasers for home printers

    +1 for Brother laser printers.

    Have one for about a year or so, works flawlessly via WiFi with both MacBook Pro and iPhone.

  • Thanks @timmah! and @tinakino for recommendations, will check Brother printers out.

  • Thanks, I thought for sure it said "new in box" rather than "open box".
    Glad I didn't rant about it.

  • I want to convert drop bars on my Surly Disc Trucker to MTB bars. It's got a 10 speed Shimano Deore XT at the back, and Sora 3 speed at front (set to friction). I have some Paul thumbies but the bar end shifters don't fit on it.
    What are my options for a set of MTB shifters as much below £100 as possible? I looked at XT SL-M780 - but they seem to be out of stock everywhere.

  • What are my options when I'm looking for a stem around -10 deg other than Thomson? Bonus points if they are cool

  • What are my options

    Well, one option would be to JFGI, it's not like 10° is a weird size, and anyway most fits can be accommodated with 6° or 8° and moving a spacer or two.

    If you want to spend Thomson money on a -10° stem that's actually any good, try Pro Vibe, although the PLT does 99% of the job for half the price.

  • If you don’t mind changing the rear mech, you could open up a few more options. You could probably pick up a 10-speed SRAM X0 mech and shifters for under £100, definitely do X9 or X7 for that budget. Or a long cage 105 5700 mech which is then compatible with the usual drop bar shifters, plus the smart but spendy Ultegra flat bar shifters (R780?) and more budget Tiagra versions

  • Hm, good point, I hadn't thought of changing the whole lot, thanks.

  • Half your trouble is that you haven't said which dérailleurs you're using, just saying XT and Sora isn't specific enough. Identify the exact model names and then look at the Shimano compatibility charts. In all probability, if you have a DynaSys 10-speed RD and a Sora FD, you'll be looking for a mismatched set of 10-speed MTB right shifter and 3-speed Road Flat-bar left shifter. It won't be pretty, but it will work - a bit like a Surly, in fact 😀

  • Which crankset and what ratio? Double or triple?

  • it's not like 10° is a weird size

    Just my thought, but apart from Pro there doesn't seem to be much more around 10-12 degrees that also look good. Not that Pro stems are anywhere near good looking.

  • Not that Pro stems are anywhere near good looking

    Well, there's your trouble, and at least half the reason I was being snarky; if you're bothered by aesthetics over function, then there's really no point asking us to help, since we cannot guess what will satisfy your taste.

    You should also bear in mind that ±2° is about ±3.5mm height change on a 100mm stem, which might matter if you knew where every manufacturer was measuring from, but you don't. Differences in stack height and measuring references can make more difference than that.

  • Some of the PRO stems are 10 degrees. I ended up buying one after the titanium hardware in a 3T LTD stem self-destructinated in Mallorca. I'm not sure I'd describe it as cool, but it does the job and it's still fitted to the bike.

  • Maybe I should have started with this:
    I'm looking for a 110mm equivalent for my 100mm 10° Thomson X2 that's been slightly too short. Also I think the clamp design is prone to fail.
    I've tried 6° stems but I think below 10° is really the way to go. Changing stack height by moving spacers is not an option as it's fully slammed with your head set cover

  • Pro PLT will hold your bars in about the right place. I have a feeling the Vibe will hold them a couple of mm higher due to the taller stack, but I don't have a current model here to check. The difference between the two kinds of Ritchey Chicane stems is likely to be the same for the same reason.

  • What if, instead of using planters to mark out LTN’s we used Churchill statues?

  • Big brain time.

  • Extinction Rebellion could epoxy them into place rather than using barriers, the Police would have to guard them, couldn’t possibly pull them down- think of the optics.

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Any question answered...

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