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  • Silver's just grey for posh cunts.

  • If I query a JPG image using img.getpixel it returns eg 255, 255, 255 but if I do the same to a PNG file it returns a numeric value from 0 to in this case 34.


  • The PNG is using an indexed colour palette. You can convert the image to RGB in memory img.convert('RGB') or look up the values in the palette yourself.

  • thanks. it now comes out as RGB. This is excellent help

  • another adjacent question:

    can I make cell B1 in excel the RGB colour of the value in cell A1 if A1 contains say "85, 170, 85". I can split that out over different cells if that makes it easier

  • Is changing the tension bolt in a Brooks saddle an easy diy job? Bloody thing has snapped - COVID weight gain issue.

  • IIRC it requires some wrestling/levering with screwdrivers to get the bits into place; Brooks used to do the repair for a reasonable sum if you posted the saddle back to them, but don't know whether they still offer that service.

  • Need to replace a headset lower bearing, it has many numbers on it but which ones matter?

    FSA: TH MR127 1.5" 36° x 45° A7
    Looks to be:­et-bearing/road-mtb/bearing-th-073-acb-3­6

    Will any 1.5" ACB 36 x 45 do or is the 127 or 073 important?­073e-acb-15­8/TH-073-ACB-36x45-deg-Headset-Bearing-4­0x51.8x8mm/product_info.html

  • Will any 1.5" ACB 36 x 45 do or is the 127 or 073 important?

    1. Yes 2. No

    MR127 is the industry name for that bearing size, 073 is the TH Industries part number. They are useful for search, but the actual important numbers are ID, OD, width and the two chamfer angles.

  • I'm re-waterproofing my gore-tex jacket with Grangers Performance Repel Plus DWR. The instructions on the bottle say that after washing and applying DWR you can either drip-dry the jacket or put it in the tumble drier at 40deg. The instructional video on the Arc'teryx website says to tumble dry and doesn't mention drip drying.

    Does tumble drying improve the efficacy of the DWR coating, over drip drying, or are they just recommending it because American and assume that everyone's going to tumble dry everything?

    Edit: found the answer on the Gore-Tex website:
    Restoring your factory applied DWR is easy, simply wash and apply heat. To restore the water repellency of GORE-TEX outerwear, GORE-TEX brand recommends the following steps:
    Machine wash your garment as described in the wash instructions. Line dry your garment or tumble dry it on a warm, gentle cycle.
    Once it is dry, tumble dry your garment for 20 minutes to reactivate the durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment on the outer fabric.
    If unable to tumble dry, iron the dry garment on the gentle setting (warm, no steam) by placing a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron. This will help reactivate the DWR treatment on your garment’s outer fabric.
    These steps will restore the factory durable water repellent treatment and water may bead up on your outerwear. If it does not, it’s probably time to apply new DWR to your jacket.

  • I'd read that as some kind of heat is needed. I think refreshing the DWR coating is about letting it soften and coalesce again.

    You could always contact Grangers? They seem to be the odd one out here.

  • I need to replace a blown lightbulb in my kitchen.
    After an embarrassingly long time I figured out how to remove the old bulb.
    It is GU10 fitting, 5w/ 425LM/ 4000K (dimmable)

    I am finding a lot of different combos, not specifically the same as mine.
    I do not have a dimmer, so I assume non-dimmable would be fine.

    Will I notice the difference between 400lm and 425lm? keeping the same colour temp.

  • 25lm roughly corresponds to 2 candles (candela).

  • Will I notice the difference between 400lm and 425lm? keeping the same colour temp.


  • Has anybody had any dealing with free cavity wall insulation? I've had a leaflet through to say I might be eligible. Seems scammy but I know there is some stuff going on about energy reduction grants.

  • This weeks Southall unknown foodstuff quiz:
    Colourful ones described as a 'tropical fruit'.
    Slightly warty skinned gourds/squash explained as 'a thickener for curry'.

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  • Initial identification based upon texture and acid sweetness; passion fruit.

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  • Had a couple of bikes serviced at a local shop recently - road and cross. Full service (degrease etc) plus new chain/cassette/chain-ring on the cross.

    Front tyre punctured on the roadbike on the way back from the shop. Checked when I got home and the rim-tape had failed over a few spoke fittings. Ended up changing the rim-tape myself.

    Took the cross out for the first ride since the service on Saturday, after about 80k the new chain snapped and took out the mech-hangar.

    I've assumed the rim-tape isn't something you'd typically check on a service and the snapped chain is just unlucky, so I should just put it down to experience. It's just nagging at me a bit - would anyone think it's reasonable to bring up with the shop, or do I just need to suck it up and get over it?

  • Unless you had something done where there was a need to mess with the rim tape, new spoke or maybe tube, then that's probably coincidence. Chain I'd maybe politely have a work with them, after 80k and if you were actually "just riding along" then it shouldn't be breaking. Was it at the quicklink? Is it defo the right length?

  • Yeah, agreed about the rim tape. Wasn't the quicklink - a mid-link that bent open - the 80k had been a bit of a muddy slog, so I guess pretty hard going. Chain length looks correct.

    Thanks- I'll stop by to see what they say, but will chalk it up to bad luck more than anything else.

  • would anyone think it's reasonable to bring up with the shop, or do I just need to suck it up and get over it?

    It’s not unreasonable (to ask questions about the service possibly causing the faults) if the customer is polite and constructive about it. The spoke nipples on some wheels can only be adjusted via the rim tape side, so whether the mechanic would’ve normally touched the tape does depend on your kit.

    The snapped chain sounds like bad luck if it wasn’t at the quick link/master pin. Could it have been something became caught in the chain, which then lodged in the derailleur, and that yanked the whole assembly off, breaking the chain in the process?

  • Returning frame under warranty for full refund.

    Do i....

    1. Sent it back with press fit BB in situ.
    2. Pay LBS £10/£15 to remove press fit BB > send back frame > try to recoup further losses by selling BB.

    BB is £40 new. I have no use for it. Probably not worth much second hand & may get damaged in removal.

    Im airing on just sending back with frame.

  • Leave it in.

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