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  • Is all Campag 11 speed stuff interoperable, or is 2013 Record 11 not going to work with 2015 Chorus 11 etc etc?

  • I can tell you from recent experience that Potenza shifters don't get along with an Athena rear mech and in looking in to that found lots of stuff about Campag compatibility so , expect the answer to be no but have a look around.

  • Hah, thanks Will. I had a suspicion that that would be the answer.

  • Potentially dumb question alert: can you still go into a bank and get change, or must you have an account at that bank to do it? Need a load of pound coins and 20p coins for the laundrette and for cheaper parking but I haven’t actually handled any cash for a year and the last time I went into a bank to get change must have been over a decade ago!

  • Bank might be weird about it, but the Post Office will give you whatever denominations you want when you withdraw cash over the counter.

  • for cheaper parking

    Where are you that still uses cash for parking? There's an app for that 🙂

  • There are 7,354 different apps for that - depending on which parish you're unfortunate enough to want to park in. All with uniquely terrible user interfaces and surprise additional fees.

  • Thanks man! Makes my whole wheelbuying decision alot easier!

  • You read it carefully yeah?

  • I think tyres are 650b and wheel is 700c...

    Heraldry(ish) question. I have just discovered that my family (Sunderland) crest and motto is identical to another family (more aristocratic, Scrope) that hails from the same region of the UK, what likely relation is my family to theirs. Were my ancestors serfs on their land that took the crest and motto when they got all high and mighty at some point, or is a more biological relationship likely?

  • I think tyres are 650b and wheel is 700c...

    My point was that the tire is wider than the fender...

  • Heraldry(ish) question

    I'm calling bullshit, but if you really think you're entitled to heraldic arms, will confirm it.

  • Interesting, but I think we both know I wasn't trying to claim any actual legal right to bear arms!

    Whether officially binding or not, a quick Google search shows multiple sources with the same crest and motto for both families, and I found that curious so wondered if anyone knew more.

  • And they all take up large amounts of storage and with my tinfoil hat on why do they need access to my camera?

  • And they all take up large amounts of storage and with my tinfoil hat on why do they need access to my camera?

    I can't speak for anything else, but Ringgo uses 28MB on my phone and works fine without camera access. I can see how camera access would be useful to read a parking location 2D/QR code instead of having to enter a serial number.

  • Anyone know if they’re available on their own/a source of microspline 10 tooth sprockets?

  • Smallest 2 XTR ones.­imano-xtr-csm9100-sprocket-unit-1012t-y1­x498020/

    No stock there or with Madison but something to search for.

  • There was a generational pull ratio cutoff for Campag in 2015. Stuff on either side won’t work across that manufacturing date. If you’re certain that the 2015 Chorus is precisely 2015 edition, then it wouldn’t work with 2013 record.

    If the Chorus was a few months older then for sure you could say it would work. Bummer.

  • They introduced a mark with the boxed letter A for the post 2015 stuff.

  • Is it a problem to install these cups without the sleeve between them? @gbj_tester

  • For the follow up on these cheap v brakes, the first set got lost in the post but they refunded me. Second set arrived ok.. They seem alright. The spring tension adjust is a cross head type instead of a hex but other than that... Fine. Especially considering the price.

    (I'm sure someone now will point me to a way better brake + lever combo that only costs five pounds more or something but I couldn't find it when I was looking)

  • I reckon they're fine for what you want to do.

  • Just tidying up Christmas chocolate stocks. Toblerone - Do you squeeze the ribs (peaks) or bend the spine?
    Or freeze it and use an ice axe?

  • Friends told me about an advert in continental Europe which showed the peaks being pushed together. It generally works but sometimes the tips snap off.

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Any question answered...

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