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  • Looking for a shop that will sell me a RH V brake / linear pull lever with parking brake function. My google searches aren’t proving fruitful..

    Anyone know where I might find one?

  • My wife’s technique involves clamping ear muffs over a bucket hat.

    My technique involves clamping a pair of fat headphones over the toque - this works a treat! There are just situations (namely being outside, talking to other people) where it's a bit weird / impolite to have fat headphones on

  • Yep, headphones over head covering of choice is common out here too, often clamped to the heads of fat tire cyclists who believe the sidewalk is their domain as well. I think it's an okay look actually, but as you mention being outside with headphones on can be weird, or even dangerous.

  • best brake pads for mini v on alloy rims?
    stock pads on Tektro 926al seem a bit meh...
    I always liked the dark blue Swiss stop caliper pads but no idea what the equivalent would be

  • Something from kool stop?

  • Which braze-on is best for mudguards and why?

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  • My guess would be shifters need to be put higher on the bars.

  • Are you ever going to use a rear rack on that bike?

  • Unlikely but possible.

  • In that case, use the rear mount for the guards. The upper mount is going to work better with a rack if you ever fit one.

  • Thanks. Makes sense.

  • What’s the best head unit purely for navigation? Not interested in power or stats or anything, just the clearest route guidance. Cheers.

  • Garmin Edge 1030 Plus. Not cheap though.

  • Garmin eTrex if you don't need turn by turn directions

  • Garmin eTrex if you don't need turn by turn directions

    garmin etrex can give turn by turn by directions

  • Nice one thank you 🙏

  • I haven't really got a complaint about a wahoo bolt. Which would save you some money over the 1030 garmin

  • How? I've always just followed the line on the map, which is fine unless its an unfamiliar route that crosses itself a lot

  • The etrex can use gpx track files and gpx route files, most garmin devices and most "route" creation websites create gpx track files. Therefore when you put the gpx track file on an etrex it does not give turn by turn directions , Which in my opinion is a good thing , especially when off road.
    Garmin edge devices in general do not differentiate between gpx track and gpx routes and convert them to FIT files, for use on the device.
    If you load a gpx route file onto an etrex it will stay as a gpx route and will give turn by turn directions, depending on the map loaded on the device being "routable".

    But I usually just use the pointer screen like yourself.

    A gpx route file giving directions

  • How much does it cost a (small single shop) retail outlet to take card payments? The item in question for sale retails at £25.

  • Depends on their setup. Big systems like AMEX take a cut and there’s a charge monthly for the terminal. Smaller startups offer 2-4% charge, and/or monthly rental, and IIRC there’s a couple that just charge a single payment for the machine now.

    Edit- % charges definitely add up for small shops, and after VAT, overhead, product cost, CC charges, there’s not much profit for small items.

  • I have to make a 3-4 hour bike journey and want to navigate using my phone (I think the battery will last). I have the route worked out already. I like using Google Maps on the PC but the limitation on Android is that I cannot drag the route around - I can only choose between 2 or 3 suggested routes.

    What is the best app to use for inputting and navigating through my carefully planned route?

  • I would use OSMAND, create the exact route you want . Export the file as a gpx if possible, if not export as kml and convert usually gpsvizualizer.

    Load it onto your phone.

    OSMAND will give directions as the loaded route.

    In the navigation settings turn off recaclutation.

    Ridewithgps may be easier but I have not used it for some time

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Any question answered...

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