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  • For something which is always going to have a load of through holes in it, I'd put them on the same sketch as the extrusion. That way, you have one sketch to edit if you change the design, and if you're a tart you can lay out the holes parametrically in relation to the plan, if that's going to be relevant in the case of design changes.

  • That site has always been a 'cool, but i have no use for you' kind of place for me, until now! thanks

  • If my slow cooker Turkey recipe calls for lemon, butter, herbs, can I substitute fresh lime juice for the lemon or will it taste weird? I tried the recipe yesterday and the juices came out bitter af because the recipe didn’t say to remove the skin and pith from the lemon... still angry.

    Happy thursday folks.

  • can I substitute fresh lime juice for the lemon or will it taste weird?

    I'm guessing you already like lime, so yes, but add the zest too or you will miss out on the nice aromatic element.

  • Has it ever come out that David Hockney's masthead for the sun was a piss take? I mean, everything about it felt like it was, but I've been hoping for an interview where he let's the world in on the joke.

  • Thanks. Would you add the zest towards the end or from the start?

  • Would you add the zest towards the end or from the start?

    What's the method? Ab initio if you're injecting the mix into the flesh, but quite late if it's a basting mixture.

  • How did the bag of giblets I resume you left in the turkey come out?

  • Is there a price monitoring website that scrapes multiple vendors? Something like CamelCamelCamel but for more than just Amazon?

  • ?

  • Current method is throwing it all in a slow cooker and leaving it for 3-4 hours, then crisping the skin in a grill.

    In more detail: rub defrosted turkey with rosemary butter, salt and pepper; put butter, rosemary, thyme, and lemon (now lime juice) in a slow cooker; add turkey on top; cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours for a 4kg bird; remove when internal temp is 74C; grill in lower half of oven for 10-15 mins until skin is crispy golden brown.

    I’m trying to work out a recipe that doesn’t require having an oven on for hours and requires minimal labour.

  • My slow cooker couldn’t fit an entire 4kg Turkey so I cut it in half and kept the giblets for today’s bird. Will let you know.

  • AH yes, it does. I'd tried that before but it looks like it's picky with search terms so just returned one vendor with no history until I fine tuned it.

  • Are these for carbon rims or alloy?

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  • Best sub £300 turbo trainer?

  • Dull question time: my current can opener is blunt and fucked. I barely use it and it's still knackered. What's a good can opener? Do any of them actually last?

  • Swing away all day. Our cupboard mounted one (they make all sorts) has been fine for almost 30 years.

  • Not that I know of, but I live in hope.

    Considering how much cash he took off celebrities and rich people for portrait commissions in the 80s I can’t say I’m that hopeful though. If you ever see any of these portraits he’d often leave the hands or other bits he clearly couldn’t be arsed finishing.

    Lad was clearly happy to take the easy cash.

  • Looks like it, brilliant thank you.

  • The over-engineered oxo good grips magnetic locking monster has served us well.

  • Nogent Superkim is great, doesn't leave any nasty sharp edges on the tin and it's nice and small

  • Does an ExposureLights cleat bolt into the bottom of a Busch&Müller Space Ixon?

  • I want to get some text embroidered on the forehead of a balaclava (think 2 eye holes and a mouth hole) for a friend's Christmas present. Has anyone got suggestions for somewhere that can do that? I asked somewhere local to me and they said they couldn't do it because the eye holes in the balaclava would mess everything up in their machine for some reason!

  • Selling a saxophone and someone's offered to buy it "on behalf of vintage saxophones online". He's offered to pay by BACS. Are there any scams that can be done with BACS? My spidey senses are tingling, should I insist on cash? He's mentioned collection but not sure if intending to use a courier to collect just yet.

    Edit: he's collecting or his brother who lives in Wales. Sounds more legit.

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Any question answered...

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