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  • RS Components have it in black. Search for 'spiral wrap'.
    TLC also have it if you want it today - there's a branch in Penge.

  • You had me at "Penge"

    Top tip.

  • I dropped a granite mortar on the edge of our Schott Ceran hob. After picking away the shards it looks like this, should I expect this crack to propagate? Anything I can or should do?

    The plastic strip is the backside of the foam seal that keeps water out. Current thinking is filling it up with heat resistant sealant and hoping it’ll last another year or two.

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  • Fack!

    You've got the right idea; slap some gunk on and hope for the best. A friend had a similar hob for ages that had a crack almost all the way across and it didn't affect its functionality at all.

  • Reminds me of a kitchen mishap I had a few years ago. We were on holiday in Iceland and staying in an apartment in a hotel. It was lovely, outdoor hotub with view of the fjord which was amazing as you watched snow drifts moving along the ground in blizzards. The place had a kitchen and we thought we’d cook a meal for ourselves, however the local shops were poorly stocked, not much fresh food, and my Icelandic language skills are zero so we couldn’t even work out what was in the frozen packages we had bought.

    Got back to the cabin and put a pan of water on to preheat while I started to prepare the food. I loathe ceramic hobs but it was what we had to work with. I needed a pee so went to the bathroom. Suddenly there was a huge bang followed by the sound of large hundreds and thousands falling to the floor and scattering all over the place. Turns out I had missed the fact that the hob had a glass lid, I had heated it to the point of destruction.

    The apartment was open plan and every surface had shards of glass, I was in bare feet and had bits embedded. Took over an hour to vacuum up most of the glass but for the rest of the stay we kept finding more glass everywhere.

    The meal when we eventually had it was appalling, the random things when cooked didn’t make any cohesive dish, we had lost a load of food due to the seasoning of ground glass. It was our wedding anniversary and this was the worst meal we have ever had that I have cooked.

  • Anniversary bang.

  • Sounds good, hope it’ll last as I already hated buying one hob for kitchen that will most likely be scrapped when we leave.

    I try to find solace in putting Caleb Ewan’s child through college.

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  • The apartment was open plan and every surface had shards of glass, I was in bare feet and had bits embedded.

  • I'd be tempted to blu tack a lolly stick to the edge wrapped in a bit of cling film and fill with epoxy then paint black..... May be because all I have is some epoxy lol

  • Both good suggestions, but wanted to get it fixed ASAP so went for the silicone sealant. On first use the crack has stayed where it is but we'll have to see what happens when it gets properly hot. 🤞

  • Raking leaves on my rectangular lawn. It doesn't matter if I rake them into the middle or a corner, still the same amount of total raking?

  • Depends on how quickly your rake is 'saturated' I'd say. If you need to double passes in the end to get everything into one corner raking towards the middle would be quicker.

  • A Ridley helium slx with Record Eps 11spd (unsure of version)Deda finishing kit and (I think) khyserium wheels, but with a (most likely) busted battery for 870 gbp. Is this good or bad?

  • Sup all... There a tread I can ask about pricing bike parts?
    What do I price rims at?

    Anyone have a clue what a 30mm and 50mm Planet X crabon tubs cost?

    I have some tubs that need going as they were for a stolen project I'll never complete #RIPSuperLightSuperSafe

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  • Is this good or bad?

    Depends on the condition, obvs., but the Helium SLX is currently a £3k frame, so if its in good condition then the frame alone is worth the asking price.

  • Anyone have a clue what a 30mm and 50mm Planet X crabon tubs cost?

    Fiddy dorrah.


    Disclaimer - I have never actually looked at this thread.

  • That shallow rim is very desirable amongst the hillclimb set, if it's got a sensible drilling.

  • Don't know what your winters are like, but I never rake. In spring after the first cut there's no evidence of leaves left on the lawn.

  • Might be a silly question as I have a feeling the answer will be no, but with hope for a yes I'm gonna ask it...

    Can a mechanical Hydraulic GRX shifter bracket covers be used on a mechanical Hydraulic Ultegra shifters?

    Eg. ST-RX810 on ST-R8000.

  • Might be a silly question

    It's not that it's a silly question, it's that it's silly to ask here rather than just looking at the Shimano tech docs, from which it's obvious that ST-RX810 and ST-R8020 are twins.

  • Thanks!
    Yeah I wasn't silly enough not to try that first, I just couldn't come to a definitive answer, so came to the friendliest forum for a 2nd opinion.
    My thought was that they came off the same tooling (reduce complexity and cost) but just with different bracket covers and levers. But wasn't definitely sure they hadn't change the internal body therefore the locating notches in the new bracket covers could be different.

  • Now that Google Music has been killed, is there any other service that you can upload your audio files too and stream them back to you? I used Google Music mostly for audio books, so its quite a lot of data

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Any question answered...

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