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  • Yes. Had to put my PIN in with HSBC every 5-10 transactions. Not sure how many exactly.

    Haven't had to with First Direct interestingly

  • It'll explicitly ask you to do Chip+Pin to reactivate contactless. If you're using it somewhere that doesn't do Pin (e.g. tube ticket gate) it usually keeps working.

  • Yep. Anti fraud set up, only happens to my HSBC cards. Not sure what the interval is, it seems to be completely random.

  • That's definitely a thing, but you should get a prompt on the terminal to insert your card and enter your PIN, not just a straight fail.

    I've never experienced that. Only Payment Declined, the same message as if you had insufficient funds. The teller then has to restart the card payment process while I try inserting it to find out if I'm due to enter my PIN or I've been the victim of fraud and I'm now penniless

  • I'm sure this is the problem since the second card is very recent. However I don't get prompted to enter my PIN, just gets declined so I don't have the option. I suppose I could go to an ATM and get my balance, see if that lifts the block.

  • OK to MIG weld off the floor? As long as I connect the negative terminal?

    Pic added. Bike is off the floor

    Edit. Didn't die

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  • What's the go-to for hollowtech ii road bbs? Cheap and cheerful (read: replaceable) or shell out big bucks?

    Have tried to UTFS but swamped with classified ads (second question: is there a way to filter search results on here?)

  • What's the go-to for hollowtech ii road bbs? Cheap and cheerful (read: replaceable) or shell out big bucks?

    Depending on whether you do your own swaps or pay a shop to do them, something like a Hope has to last 3-5 times as long as a Shimano SM-BBR60. Do you fancy taking a punt on that being the case?

  • Is there an LBS in north London where I could pick up some traditional black cotton bar tape?

  • Oh, didn't you find the instructions clear enough?

  • Does anyone have a link to the Flickr album where a guy did a DIY smoke effect on his frame?

  • How rubbish are these? Just want to be able to use normal shoes on a bike every now and again for nursery drop off, local shops etc.
    Seems like a good cheap option unless they’re utter shit, in which case I’ll get dual use pedals.

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  • I assume would have some. Worth a call to double check though

    if not, condor would

  • Is there a UK-based reseller who has stock of individual Shimano sprockets?
    I found the possibility on Bike24­u=1000,4,27
    I could do with an 'old bloke hill climbing' cassette that starts with 14-teeth.

  • You can buy ultegra 14-28 cassettes off the shelf - they are designed for Junior restricted gearing.­ucts/shimano-cs-r8000-ultegra-11-speed-c­assette-14-28-teeth.aspx

  • @platypus used to have some until something went wrong i think?

  • I used these for about 6 months commuting.

    They are ok but did eject themselves a couple of times, fortunately nothing bad happened but it could cause a crash if you're unlucky. The biggest downside is that they still have float so don't really provide a stable base, you get used it it after a while but they aren't great.

    I've since replaced them with these and the difference is massive, wish I'd done it sooner.­t-mtb-spd-trekking-pedals

  • Ok cheers - good to know. I reckon I’ll probably give them a miss then and just get some spd/platform pedals of some sort. I’d need the platforms Reasonably often but not for very long journeys - probably not worth getting the XTs, but some £30 jobs might be better than sketchy pedals with a kid on the back.

  • Thanks for that link.
    Touching for you to believe I can get away with a 28.

    I've picked up an 11-34, so a 14- and a 16- to replace the 11- and 13-
    will be a bit cheaper than a whole new casette.

  • We have a 'Boycott everything' thread.
    Do we have a thread for praising firms with good to exceptional customer service?

  • ^^Smaller chainrings not an option?

  • Yes I'd definitely avoid them if you have a child seat on the bike.

    My partner got some cheap SPD pedals with these included, they are a smaller platform and you need a flathead screwdriver to remove them but they are more stable than the aliexpress aluminium platforms.­lipless-Mountain-Automatic/dp/B07RR8JQD9­/

  • IME, brushed steel Shimano platforms are slick as greased ice if your soles get wet.

  • Hadn't considered it,
    swapping cassettes is pretty easy.
    This bike might even end up as a triple.

  • Thanks - didn't know about clever mike

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Any question answered...

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