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  • What tooth count? CS-HG200-7 comes in 12-28, as low as £13 if you shop around. KMC Z7 chain is £8 or less, but if you find a bargain on an 8-speed chain that will work fine too.

  • Thanks for the info! 12-28 would work. Current cassette is a little heavy work off road.
    I had looked at this:­28-sunrace-nickel-7-speed-cassette/
    And this:­7-332-inch-7-speed-chain-grey-brown-114-­links/

    Would they work? Is sunrace rubbish?

  • Would they work? Is sunrace rubbish?

    1.Yes 2.No, but if you can get Shimano for the same money it's better

  • Understood. Cheers.

  • @duncs @gbj_tester Thanks! Looks like thats the overall go to chair tbh

  • I've got some DT Swiss R24 Spline wheels here and the freehub is chewed up - is there a steel/ABG equivalent available? Are all the 3-pawl hubs compatible?

  • I have one, I spend a lot of time in it. I used to have a high back aluminium group swivel but this is much more adjustable. I've had it a few years and been through some different setups, lumbar support, recline strength etc.

    I've sat in the Aeron and they are pretty decent but the Embody is certainly comfortable, maybe a bit more marmite on looks.

  • I dealt with these guys, went along with cash and came home happy.­ed-furniture/brand/herman-miller/

    The guy who sold me one had his pick of office chairs and liked the Embody the best.

  • They are rubbish... Replaced at least one a month with proper fixings which bolts onto the front axle.

  • Best cheap & light (27.5") XC tyres for very light (45kg) rider?

  • Dunno but I've got 2 x Vittoria Mezcals you can have cheap.

  • Thanks for the hints on the pashley bracket all. It was for my sister, I showed her your responses and she's thinking of getting rid of the pashley now (she's had it for a few years but is finding it too slow and heavy for life and kid hauling in hilly Leicester)

  • who on the forum is a design verification engineer (electronics)? semi-urgent request

  • my dog has chewed through the power cable to my wifes peloton.
    the power adaptor says:

    AC Input: 100-240V-1.3A, 50-60Hz
    DC Output: 12v=4.17A

    I have found an alternative part, but that states:

    AC Input: 100-240V-1.6A, 50-60Hz
    DC Output: 12v=5A

    Is the difference enough to kill the fancy exercise bike?

    We are waiting to hear from Peloton about a replacement, and was seeing if i can get something in the interim.

  • The alternative has enough chooch, you would only have a problem if it had too little

  • Should work. My only caution is amp rating tend to be exaggerated a bit on generic power supplies, so if you can find one that’s even more amps for a similar price that might be better.

    (Amp rating = how much power the device can draw before the voltage droops significantly below 12V)

  • The OE one is only the generic PSU which came in the original box 🙂

  • Anyone used Marwi disc pads? They're half the price of Shimano but, you know, buy cheap buy twice...

  • Indeed, the OE one has no (peloton) branding, but I cannot source the same model variant
    (FSP050 - AHCN3 if anyone has better Google-Fu than I)

  • I'm much more inclined to believe numbers on OE-sourced stuff. There's a huge range of quality of stuff from China and big sue-able western companies are reasonably competent at getting the good stuff for safety critical items. Random listings on eBay or wherever, less so.

    Of course neither tells you how much power the device actually draws at its worst.

  • Need a new battery for my iPhone SE.
    Apple say £60.
    I’ve fitted new batteries to iPhones before but I can’t remember Will they retain the fingerprint functionality?
    Where is best to buy a battery from?

  • We did just sort-of cover this in the Apple thread -­

    What has the battery got to do with the fingerprint sensor?

  • What has the battery got to do with the fingerprint sensor?

    I remembered that when you replace a home button that it loses fingerprint functionality, I couldn't remember if simply disconnecting it had the same effect (which you need to do when replacing a battery).

    Useful link to thread tho!

  • Can’t speak for Marwi but if you’re looking for decent alternatives to shimano I’ve been using ebc brake pads recently and I’d rate them quite highly.

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Any question answered...

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