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  • Is 135mm the bcd? If yes the a chainring with 140mm bcd won’t fit.

    Edit- I think we need more info : )

  • What sort of insane power is your daughter churning out to bend a chain ring??

  • Many Thanks @MCamb I think you are right, it’s 110mm BCD, so doubt it will fit.
    @ltc She is 11! Was an awkward fall, Where I think the chainring took the impact (she’s fine, bike not so much)

  • Tried a bike shop? They often stock as much as they can and usually have random spares lying about.

  • it won't work with her Pompino's 120mm rear spacing... So annoying... So now I'm looking for some extra long track nuts to get around the problem,

    Use the axle out of the Halo 130mm OLN kit with the existing 120mm end caps and 5mm of washers each side (e.g. a total of 6 of these, if you can't get to your local fastener shop) between the track nuts and the frame.

  • Thanks for that... OH has now decided she wants to move the trainer on as she doesn't feel that stable on it... Says she'll get a dedicated stationary exercise bike instead... 🤷🏻♂️🤯😂

    Guess I'll keep it for my road bike!

  • If I bought something like this which is meant to replace a QR skewer nut, but I wanted to just put a regular bolt through it, what bolt would I need? Internet says QR skewers are generally 5 x .8mm, but I have no idea what that means and googling it just seems to bring up 8mm long m5 bolts.

  • Ok. Now it's working so ignore.

    Use h2testw

    I seem to be having issues with using this.

    It's throwing up this error;

    Error creating file 'F:\1.h2w'.
    (A device which does not exist was specified. Code 433)
    Warning: Only 121909 of 121910 MByte tested.
    Writing speed: 0.00 KByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    I formatted the SD card using the quick format and default settings in windows from the right click menu as it'll have to be reformatted by my phone anyway.

    Any ideas?


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    • H2testw error.png
  • QR skewers are generally 5 x .8mm, but I have no idea what that means and googling it just seems to bring up 8mm long m5 bolts.

    it means that the thread has a nominal outside diameter of 5mm, hence M5 and that the thread pitch is 0.8 mm.
    A standard thread size.

  • So an M5 bolt would go in ? Makes sense. Thank you.

  • After stripping all the grease of my chain I dried it on top of a toaster and some parts turned
    blue. Wikipedia tells me that's around 330C, will that compromise the steel in any way?

  • I'd be more worried about contaminated toast

  • I don't eat toast and the chain was spotless!

  • Finally finished checking a new SanDisk Ultra micro SD card with Use h2testw ( ). Has a claimed "Up to 100 MB/s transfer read speed".


    Warning: Only 121909 of 121910 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 8.31 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 2.10 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    Before I get grumpy and return it, is there anything I could be doing wrong? I'm using the supplied adapter in my laptop's SD slot. The adapter was thrown in the bag loose rather than being in the SanDisk packet.

    1 Attachment

    • H2testw test results 10.25am 29.09.20.png
  • you may need to alter some properties to allow faster speeds.­low-usb-flash-drives/

  • Tried using one of these in the USB3 ports.

    Took less than the day it previously took and showing ~80MByte/s sounds more reasonable and reassures me it isn't fake.

    Warning: Only 121909 of 121910 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    Reading speed: 79.4 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    Thanks again!

  • refresh fail. ignore

  • Hope she's healing up well!

    Is it really a removable chainring? AFAIK Beinns come with a non-removable chainring, so the chainring is permanently affixed to the crank-arm. I'm guessing that you're looking to replace the entire crank and that 135 is the crank length, rather than the chainring BCD , in which case the 34T 140mm will fit fine (plus, I've never heard of a 140mm BCD chainring, so what else would that be).

    Photos would be invaluable here.

  • Are there any long drop brake calipers that are as good as the TRP rg957 but ideally significantly less expensive? If not, is there anything else worth considering at the same sort of price? (The cheapest I can find is about £110)

  • cheapest I can find is about £110

    Spa have them for £105, but I'm not sure what the TRP ones are doing functionally which isn't done just as well by Tektro 737 for £60 less

  • I've got similar Tektro ones at the minute and they're not great, even with new pads. They are second hand and might not be working as well as they once did though.

  • I have R730 on my Hirame and they're fine🤷♂️

    I don't think the TRP #tartmode caliper is going to make much, if any, difference. If something in your brake system is deficient, I'd go looking elsewhere rather than spending £100 on new calipers.

  • Fair enough! Thanks for the advice. I had a mechanic pal set my current brakes up so I'm fairly confident they're working as well as they can. I suppose I need to try and work out where the issue is.

  • If there's nothing grossly wrong with the mechanical set up, then braking comes down to the performance of the friction pair. Pads are easily changed, but the rim is the other half of the friction pair and has its own part to play. At the least, it's as well to try different pad compounds to see which one plays nicely with a particular rim.

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Any question answered...

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