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  • +1 for protective clothing. Spending £70 on pair of chainsaw trousers isn’t expensive if it means you get to keep a leg if a split second mistake happens.

  • all good advice, thanks. i cant afford to lose another limb

  • A drop of lube into the cable guide where it goes internal did stop the noise.

  • Why plastic instead of any old metal bolt?

  • Why plastic instead of any old metal bolt?

    because the coating is less likely to adhere to the nylon rather than metal as some will likely penetrate down the threads or between the screw/bolt and the frame

  • Hmmm. Might get me some chainsaw trousers now. Not sure my safety precautions have been that good to date.

  • Wot freezing77 said. And they're much, much cheaper than a metal bolt.

  • Protective gear is an essential part of staying safe, but thinking before acting is also important. Case in point:­mw

  • There are gear city and guilds or lantra courses.

    On a two day course over half the time is dedicated to maintenance as a poorly performing or maintained saw is a danger in itself. On that course you will do about half a day of cross cutting (sawing felled lengths into smaller pieces). On the four day course they add in felling trees which is an even more potentially risky venture. I have done the 4 day course and got lantra accreditation, other half has done the two day course.

    It was then terrifying when a friend who has worked on farms for years and has never had any proper training offered to help with a windfall tree. Practically everything he did was poor practice- a bit like watching a poor cyclist who keeps putting themselves at risk but as they aren’t dead yet thinks what they are doing is ok.

  • Depends on the dialect, but in its most common usage- see Wallah.­7fs

  • Cheers! Damn duolingo’s sound files were wrong on multiple letters it seems...

  • My grandfather takes absolutely no precautions when using his chainsaw, but he has set his own trousers on fire when warming himself by his bonfire, so I'd not look to his example.

  • Remember it’s heavily dependent on dialect.
    My guess is duolingo is MSA.

  • Lower inflation pressure has left vertical lines in large sections of the tyre ;-)

  • Random one, but can’t find from a search....what is the route Albion use as their logo? Thanks

  • Plz halp...

    My OH bought a Wahoo trainer so she can exercise safely at home, it's great except it won't work with her Pompino's 120mm rear spacing... So annoying... So now I'm looking for some extra long track nuts to get around the problem, the Tacx jobs are sold out everywhere as are these from SJS which would have been ideal...

    Any ideas? I'm even considering getting a pair fabricated, what would the specs be? To fit a 10mm axle (or is a track axle 3/8"?), 26tpi thread? Any help appreciated, this is doing my head in ATM...

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  • How about coupling nuts?

  • That was my first thought... I don't think you can get them in 26tpi tho', I tried my local nuts and bolts place and had no joy there...

  • tried my local nuts and bolts place and had no joy there


  • @>>>>>> What is the hub? If bog standard modern track hub is most likely 10x1. If it’s old or cheap it might be some weird imperial size. If it’s campag (and maybe miche??) it is prob 10x26tpi

  • It's a bog standard generic Halo track hub, so it should be 10x26tpi, no?

  • generic Halo track hub, so it should be 10x26tpi, no?

    No, it will be M10×1.0

  • Daughters bike (Isla bike Benin 26) came with a lasco 32t 135mm chainring. She’s bent it and I can’t straighten. Will a lasco 34t 140mm fit?

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Any question answered...

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