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  • The whole point of titanium is that it's resistant to all sorts of attacks which might compromise other materials. If there was anything in the dishwashing cycle which could hurt Ti, the whole machine would have to be constructed from something even more exotic.

  • Any recommendations for padded boxers for a bit more comfort whilst cycling in normal clothes? Cheers

  • I got some from Planet X recently, which do the job well.

  • .

  • Sounds like USB 2 speeds. Go to Apple menu > About > System Report and see if it shows under USB 2.0 or 3.0 in the devices list.

    No idea how to resolve though. Different cable? Reboot?

  • My 11sp Shimano cassette on my 11sp Novatech hub is loose. It can't be tightened any more than it already is. There is significant movement.

    There shouldn't be a spacer behind the cassette when it's 11sp, right? and the cogs are spaced correctly with no spacers missing in-between.

    Does anyone know what might be going on here?

  • If the cassette is properly installed then it’s a freehub issue.

    Edit- try moving the largest and second largest cogs away from each other with your fingers. If they move easily, something is wrong with the installation. If they’re tight, it’s the freehub.

  • Is the cassette 34t or bigger?

  • Take the cassette of and see if there's play in the freehub.

  • Rebooted - worked fine. Annoying but I'll probably survive.

  • Turns out the CS-HG700-11 cassette I've been using does require a spacer.

    It's taken me faaarrrr too long to do that tiny bit of research.

    All sorted, thanks for the help folks.

  • Yep, the 11-34 is really an MTB cassette.

  • Looking for somewhere to stay for 2 nights for 2 people with a private hot tub, <3 hrs driving from london? any recs?

  • Any idea why it would be slow and how I can resolve?

    Is this on Catalina?
    Can't remember the exact details I'm afraid but there was a bug where it "drops USB3 support" (thus throttling to USB2 speeds), did you have any other peripherals connected that weren't there last time, if I recall correctly the issue surfaced with other stuff connected via USB at the same time?

  • Anyone near Stoke-on-Trent ? Need some paid help !

  • I was told not to rinse after brushing teeth so the active ingredients in toothpaste can keep doing their job for longer.

    My understanding is Mouthwash is more for refreshing at other points in the day without the invasive brushing. Unless it is a more clinical mouthwash for a specific infection etc.

  • A few years ago the advice changed and dentists no longer suggest daily flossing - it can do more harm than good.

  • I saw my hygienist last week and she said to use the tepe things daily. Not sure if better than flossing?

  • I'm thinking of running a few day tours with photo stops as a bit of a side project.

    Smallish Groups of 4 or 5, where we go around to a few pre selected spots and get into some photography.

    Questions, do I need insurance and setup a company? Do I need them to have insurance / sign a disclaimer saying nothings my fault, especially if they're carrying camera equipment? It seems to swing from 'you need everything' to 'they just need a disclaimer' when I search.

  • If there is a space between your teeth big enough to get a Tepe through (even a pink one) then it's better than floss or a waterpik :)

  • This is what my dental hygienist said.
    ETA - Waterpik is mostly a waste of time. And money.

  • What makes you say that about a water flosser?

  • Doesn't remove plaque. Removes only unstubborn food items. I stopped using mine ages ago.

  • Bugger this dentist stuff, I use two different tepee sizes to fit various toothy gappy thingies, anything to limit legalised torture chair time!

  • I'm think about converting a steel road bike to discs. Getting them added to the rear seems easy. I don't think my current fork would be suitable for modification? Is anyone aware of a carbon fibre fork with a straight 1 1/8 steerer, mudguard mounts and disc mounts? Failing that what options are out there in steel? Long haul trucker maybe.

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Any question answered...

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