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  • Charity shops?

  • Ordnance Survey Maps OSM online, one months subscription and print off what you want.

    I use it for Scouts

  • Lindesfarne?

  • It's a few years since we last visited MStM,
    ('maybe 10' turns out it is 14!),
    but there was a permanent causeway linking it to the mainland
    and extensive hardened parking.
    This wiki article details the project to flush silt out of the bay
    and return MStM to an island,
    with parking on the mainland.

  • @tbc and there's a 7 day free trial. Which somehow for me actually lasted about a month

  • Awesome thanks that’s really helpful

  • I've ordered a fair few OS maps from in the past, they're consistently below retail.

  • In an uncharacteristic feat of memory, I remembered that it was Noirmoutier I had in mind. I have a hazy recollection of my parents having to hose saltwater off the wheels so the car didn’t corrode.

  • I think it used to be that way, now there's a raised road. Only Peds + local traffic and tourist shuttle buses allowed though. There's a big car park for visitors about 2km away where the shuttles run from

  • Can anyone help an idiot identify the size/specs of this bolt? It attaches the behind saddle bottle cage to a fabric tri elite flat saddle and I’ve lost one. I’ve emailed the manufacturer but no reply.

    Measured dimensions (according to my callipers): external thread diameter: 2.9mm, head diameter: 5.8-5.9mm, total length: 8mm, threaded length: 5mm. Fits 2.5mm Allen key.

    What bolt do I need to buy, and where can I buy one (or presumably a small pack) in time for this weekend?

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  • M3×8 countersunk socket, available from any good online or bricks and mortar fastener shop, e.g.­cket-head-screws/5596-SSK-M3-8-A4
    There will be eBay and amazon sellers too.

  • I knew you’d know! :-)

    While you’re at it, what about the little bolts that adjust the wheel position in the dropouts of my P2? I haven’t measured them yet (still in situ) but you seem to have the cervelo specs memorised.

  • Dunno, I've never owned one. They're going to be a standard metric thread, so that narrows it down to M3, M4 or M5, you can tell the difference just by looking

  • What company is the go to for posting bikes now? Can't seem to find a company willing to post a bike box longer than 120cm. The box I have is 140cm.

  • A recent ebay purchase was sent to me (Oxford to London) by

  • I think it's £50 for them to drop off the box and packing stuff then pick up and deliver.

  • Parcel2Go, just put in your box demensions and it'll give you options.

  • I've got a step stool very similar to this one:­-Mid-Century-Folding-Steps-Stool-Tubular­-Metal-Formica/283997174647?hash=item421­f8cfb77:g:KpEAAOSwq4tfOtEx

    I can't safely use it because it bends/wobbles side-to-side (ie left to right). I think this is because the cross braces have separated themselves from the uprights and aren't giving sufficient support (on mine the cross braces are tubular)

    My question is this; what would be a neat way of securing new reinforcing bars?

    I have some spare m8 threaded bar so thought about drilling holes in the uprights in line with the cross braces, and either; a) putting domed nuts on the outside, or b) drilling and tapping the bar and using some sort of Chicago screw type of fixing.

    Any other bright ideas?

    It's got a certain charm to it so I originally spent too much repairing it because I mistakenly thought it was my late Grandmother's rather than a random builders. So I don't want to go overboard.

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  • Anyone have experience with Shimano RX100 STI levers? I bought the missus a cheap bike on eBay and neither shifter clicks. The rear shifter doesn't seem to pull the cable at all. The front shifter pulls the cable but doesn't click or hold the tension in any way.

    Any easy fix before I start the refund process on eBay?

  • Might be full of old oil that’s gunking up the ratchet mechanism.

    There are more thorough ways to clean and re grease but you can try loosening it up by flushing with wd40 or something similar..

    Might also be worth checking the cables run smoothly and that nothing else is restricting movement by being stiff / seized

  • Hmmm, I tried that, but I'll give it another go. The cables feel a bit short but they definitely run through.

    Balls. Fucking eBay.

  • There are loads of video on YouTube about "fixing" those shifters.
    All the bikes I had with those shifters had the issue you describe.

    As @MCamb says, you need to soak them in / flush them with "something" - personally use "Elbow Grease" degreaser from Poundland and it works well.

    Then you can also check if the cable have started fraying in the shifters as that's the next logical step.

    Easy / satisfying fix.

    And in the long run, you can get newer shifters like Shimano Claris.

  • Trying to work out how much to mess with it, given it was cheap but sold 'as new' (well technically 'como nuevo').

  • Wrap the shifters in a cloth, to catch the drops and stop them getting on your brake surfaces. With the WD40 red tube attached flood each shifter and leave it a while+/-. If you can use a bike stand all the better so you can rotate the pedals whilst changing the gears. Eventually something will give so spray again and repeat. They always give up in the end.

  • This has worked on the left shifter. Left the right ‘to soak’ for a bit.

    The thing I don’t get with the right one is nothing is happening with the cable...? Even without clicking, would it not tug on the cable at all?

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Any question answered...

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