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  • Signed up for a Komoot Premium trial, and completely forgot about it because I don't think I ever used any of the features (it doesn't add much). Just been charged £60 for a year's subscription, and despite sending a very nicely worded email (IMO), they're essentially saying 'tough'. Anyone know of any loopholes or regulations I could use to get out of it? I want my £60 back...

  • How long between the time you signed up and sending the nicely worded email?

  • i'm unsure if its a M10 x 1.25 or M10 x 1.5.

    I don't know for sure, but it's far more likely to be M10×1.0 in common with 90% of other rear track hubs

  • Maybe an hour or two after being charged. 4 weeks after signing up for the trial, and as pointed out in their response, a week after they sent a reminder that the trial was ending...

  • they sent a reminder

    You're bang to rights if they sent the mandatory reminder in time for you to cancel before they charged you. Consider it a lesson in the cost of being disorganised.

  • Thanks! I had no idea really as i haven't had the reason to think about it before. Appreciate the help!

  • Can anyone suggest a good bulk (25+) supplier of stainless m5 bottle bolts?

  • Screwfix? I work for a company that supplies fabricators we would see bulk as many many thousand

  • Fair point. Bulk for the consumer.

  • Accu Group are my usual first port of call, many options available. I like the low height Torx for general purposes. 30p each when you buy 25 or more­ead-screws/14469-SHCL-M5-12-A2

  • Bulk for the consumer

    25 isn't even bulk for a consumer 🙂

  • Looking for some black/yellow bartape in the style of 1993 Lemond/GAN. Everything seems to be out of stock or wont ship to Sweden.

    Any suggestions? Also top of the Campagnolo around 1993 would be Super Record 8 speed?

  • top of the Campagnolo around 1993 would be Super

    It wouldn't. Just plain Record, 8-speed Ergopower. Only the hubs and cassette were offered in a Super option.

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  • Easiest method to weigh a 3 wheel trailer?

    Scale under each wheel on level ground.. or will that not work?

  • How big/roughly how heavy? Could you hold it while standing on some scales, then subtract your own weight?

  • Yes it will work you might get a discrepancy because of the thickness of the scales. I used to check the weight on individual truck tyres with some super thin scales.

  • ...anyone cycled in Bavarian, Allgäu Alps ? looks like a lot of gravel climbing / MTB rather than alpine road climbs.....apart from road tours along the fantastic german cycleways of course.

  • what would be the appropriate Power Torque campag BB to replace a shimano press-fit on a Defy?

  • Fulcrum make some, but apart from that you're looking at handbuilts. Campag/fulcrum factory wheels are excellent though.
    Discs just slot into the existing calipers, provided the rotor is the same size as the one it's replacing.

  • I need a bolt for nds SRAM red crank. Anyone know what one I need and where to find it?

  • guys did you ever try to talk to brooks about replacing a C17 with a broken nose without warranty papers?

    i bought in in a real shop a few years ago and took good care of it, still it broke.... will brooks even offer to help me at all? replacement of the broken parts on a better price??

    i am super angry that an "expensive" saddle died like that....


  • Anyone know what I need

    Yes, you need a slap. At the very least, identify which of many possible Red cranks you have and find the part number in the SRAM spare parts catalogue. Don't waste our time until you have done your homework.

  • Haha wow, OK.

    If I knew how to figure out what cranks I had I wouldn't be posting here. Never owned a bit of sram in my life before, always had shimano. All I know is that they are sram red, 110bcd, hidden bolt, 170mm long and with a purple splash of colour near the end of the cranks. I didn't think any of that info would be useful or I'd have shared it here already.

    I guess this info prob says what it needs but I couldn't really parse it properly.

    Does it mean I can use two different sizes of bolt? 10mm or 8mm?

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Any question answered...

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