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  • For no 2. Depends how much carpet there is to clean. I've used a rug doctor before and it really works, £20 for 24 hour rental from Tesco or somewhere is easily worth it IMO.

  • I've just been quoted £425 by a professional cleaner to deep clean my house, including a proper carpet clean. Is that quote about right? Seems like a lot....

    Yeah that's a lot of money. Unless your house is 2,500 sq foot and all carpeted I'd look elsewhere.

    If the place is in a decent state you could ask your tenant just to leave it in a similar state when they leave. By having it spotless, they will need to leave it spotless, and they may be less inclined to fork out for it.

  • I paid £60 recently for a lounge/diner carpet clean. As I understand it the professional machines are better because they're much better at sucking the water back out so it dries quicker, but a rug doctor is still loads better than the hoover style ones.

  • Thanks for the advice all! There's not a lot of carpet, only the upstairs is carpeted and the bedrooms are all small. I'll try and get a couple of quotes but leaving towards renting a rug doctor for 24 hours and saving £400.

  • You didn't say how removable you wanted it to be. I know you can get band-on ones, but I've been quite impressed with this velcro-on one:­s/sks-anywhere-bottle-cage-adapter/. Very stable.

  • Good to know about the SKS one; but I'd forgotten the name/description of band-on ones, that's what I wanted. Ta!

  • petrol stations should have bike pumps, don’t you think?

    sign if you agree!

  • I doubt it, brake bosses on the other side and they’re only like the size of bottle bosses

  • You can't put canti bosses and u-brakes on the same side of the stays, the unused bosses would interfere with the caliper. I figured they might be almost flush to allow removable bosses to be used, like the v-bosses on many suspension forks.

  • How do people speeding in average speed check zones not get caught?

  • maybe they start off really slow to get some mph in the bag?

  • How do people speeding in average speed check zones not get caught?

    AFAIK, the threshold for prosecution is usually substantially above the posted speed limit. My understanding is that this is due to manpower shortages, since anything flagged by the ANPR has to be checked manually. The system is set to prioritise the most egregious scoff-laws.


  • Why do these arguably very similar Shimano V-brakes have the pin that goes into the frame at such a different place? Left is new Deore LX, right is old.

    Placing the pin of a new Deore LX brake in the middle hole of the frame (which Shimano recommends and works with the older V-brake I have) leaves me with no tension on the spring. Moving the pin up one hole creates enormous tension on the spring, which is not ideal when it comes to lever force. Any ideas?

  • Looks like you got the adjustment screw thing all the way in on both? Maybe put it in the hole that gives you too much tension then back it off all the way

  • You can slacken off the spring tension by unscrewing that crosshead screw on both arms. Then fine tune tension to suit your needs.

  • Unscrewing the adjustment screw seems to work, don't know why I didn't try that. But it still doesn't explain the difference in the geometry/design of the brake, does it? Anyway thanks both!

  • I’ve wondered this too.

  • BT TV on a second telly?

    Trying to help family with their TV setup. They have BT TV connected to one telly and wondering how to get it on a second telly. Getting the subscription channels (like BT Sport) on the other telly isn't an absolute must but it'd be nice. They just want the same interface on both TVs.

    Second telly has a suitable network connection and aerial available.

    BT used to do a separate "Extra" box (­p/can-i-watch-bt-tv-in-more-than-one-roo­m-) but I can't find any reference to this any more and they just have this "BT TV App Extra" shit now which isn't an actual box. The telly in question isn't a smart telly and they don't want to have to upgrade the telly.

  • Getting a firestick and installing it on there seems like the obvious solution.

    No idea if it would be the same interface though. Probably not I'd guess

  • If I understand correctly, I think you can just get a Youview box and use it like a freeview set top box. So they have the same interface, catchup, apps etc, but none of the BT paid-for stuff.

  • If they don’t need to watch two things at once, there are cheapo wireless HDMI senders that will also pass the remote signals back.

  • Does anyone make a classic bend bar (ritchey neo classic style) that is di2 bar end junction compatible - with holes near the shifters, a hole at the bar end and hollow all the way through?

  • Can anyone identify what speed hub this is?

    I think it’s this one, so 8/9speed? As far as I understand I should be able to fit a 10speed cassette on there? Or does that only apply to road hubs?­ocuments/XCRearHubExploded.pdf

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  • Contact hope. Their customer service is great

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Any question answered...

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