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  • Yeah they're easily good enough. I got one for £15 on amazon. Try and find one with a lever rather than screw for the clamp though.

  • Lidl sold those for a while (with a lever clamp, but otherwise the same) and I bought one. It's fine. My major gripe is that the clamp that holds the horizontal arm does not grip that well, so it you don't clamp the bike near the balance point the horizontal arm will rotate and the bike will flop nose or tail-down. Most of the time I just rest the bike's top tube in the clamp (to get near the balance point) and close it enough to stop it jumping out, but not really holding it with any force.

  • You're not the first to notice this, and I thought it was public property regardless?

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  • Cheers - worth putting the question into Barclays, then.

  • close it enough to stop it jumping out, but not really holding it with any force

    yea that's how I like to do it as well

  • Thanks @Sumo and @ffm!

  • Talk to me good peeps. Need info on a good Physio. Female preffered. Based in zone 1 but can go further out.

  • Not sure if she has appointments in zone 1 anymore but Nichola Roberts (velophysio) is v good?

  • What actually happened in the womens race?

    Cycling News is just a load of finish line quotes from AVV:­k-van-vleuten-youve-got-to-take-all-that­-you-can/

    I have seen Lizzie Deiganan posting pictures of a bad crash that looks to be at the finish. Anyone know what happened?­?igshid=7qyud8f99asg

  • ^­-bianche-women-2020/elite-women/results/­

    Race description here.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Strade Bianche is better than Flanders, Liege and San Remo.

  • can anyone suggest a scenic and quiet as possible road route from boxley in maidstone area to connect to the area -which, like most SE cyclists, i know well- northeast of sevenoaks

  • How to deal with a webshop that has sent the wrong item, and after acknowledging that, has stopped responding to emails about returning the item?

    I'll give them a call tomorrow, try that.

  • How to deal with a webshop that has sent the wrong item, and after acknowledging that, has stopped responding to emails about returning the item?

    Location of you and the shop? Payment method?

  • They're close enough that I can visit them by bike if I really wanted to, but seems a little confrontational at this point. Paid by bank transfer.

    I'm sure a call will sort everything out.

  • I have a Virgin landline number at home.

    Is it possible to use that number as the number people dial to connect to me on Google Voice? Ideally a Brighton or Plymouth area code?

    Alternatively can I use a non-London number for people to dial when they connect to me on Google Voice.

    Lastly, can I change the number recipients see when I dial them using Google Voice? i.e. a business name?

  • Anyone know what these might’ve originally been used for? 2x threaded bosses (either side of wheel) on the underside of seat stays of an old MTB frame.

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  • Hmmm, seems odd for a mtb but I guess it could be.

  • Ive always been.a.bit, im not fishing for Ice sale or owt but how does one price a bike.
    I think im getting to the point where one in means one out, I rarely have an off the peg bike, I wouldnt go as far as calling them frankenbikes but theres usually a mismatch of parts on a relatively boring frame.

    TLDR; how do I price bikes ive built from parts bins.

  • Keep an eye on the classifieds here and on ebay. See what prices sell for things closest to your bikes.

    Be prepared though, it's probably not nearly as much as you think it's worth.

  • Oh deff not gonna get whats put in, need better frame purchases really. Components.are usually around 105 or force/red.
    Cheers for the.advice.


    Personally I'd just stick it up with a price you'd like to get and the market will dictate.

  • Any recommendations for the best way to attach a second bottle cage to a steel frame?

    I've used the decathalon ones for a while, but they don't quite cinch up as tight as I would like so looking for something a bit more durable that won't slide side-to-side.

  • 2 related questions.
    1) I've just been quoted £425 by a professional cleaner to deep clean my house, including a proper carpet clean. Is that quote about right? Seems like a lot....
    2) are those rug doctor things you can hire any good? I get the impression most of the cost of that quote is the carpet cleaning, most other cleaners seem to quote a max of £18ph and I can't imagine it'll take all that long to clean a fairly small house. I'm hoping that if I can clean the carpet to a decent standard myself I can just pay someone to do the rest of the cleaning.
    For context I've moved out but will be renting the house to a friend and I'd like it to be nice and clean when he moves in.

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Any question answered...

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