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  • Where can I source this dropout?

    On a Chinacarbon frame so a bit of a mystery...

    Workswell 162

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  • Have you tried the Facebook pages Shenzhen Workswell Bikes Co. Ltd?
    It says any - Please contact Chris if you have any inquiry or questions.

    I would say you have more chance there than here.

  • Thanks - year, I realized there are no wrist based methods when I had a good look yesterday. Could have made an annoying mistake picking up something a bit more pricey assuming "swim mode" + "HR monitor" = what I wanted. I'll see how often I'm able to get to the pool now that they're back open (first swim tomorrow!). If I'm able to be as regular as I was, I'll pick up the goggles... Pure gadgetry, but you only yolo once. Thanks for the advice!

    (also, re: bricks - I was assuming that if I 'd bought a new garmin device while they were down it would have been useless until I could have synced with with garmin connect. I've been using my Edge while they're down without any real issues).

  • The Polar OH1+ aren't googles, it's an optical sensor that clips onto your existing goggles (or worn on a band around wrist or upper arm if you go out running).

    The proper gadget goggles are these ones: . Someone in the Swimming thread had those...

    (Good point about new Garmin bricks, didn't think about that...)

  • I'm bulding up a Thorn Brevet to use as a commuter and I'm planing to paint it with Montana EMC4230 Metallic Plum and EMC6250 Caribbean and I cant really decide if to fade from Caribbean to Plum or the other way around.

    What does the hivemind think?

  • Dark to light from front surely?

  • Makes sense, plum to caribbean it is!


  • not actually correct any more, my fenix 6x does wrist based HR...

  • Ooh. Is it accurate at all?­OXNev7NS4DQcc3IjAV49

    I see it was a recent firmware update that enabled it. I must remember to try it out on my 945 when I next go to the pool. I'll use my OH1+ too and try and remember to compare the results.

    (Local pool not opening for another couple of weeks though.)

  • I saw this recently which rather blew my mind:­eCI

    It's good, but it isn't astonishing to me, as there are so many stories about animals using tools, making inferences, and generally doing things that only humans supposedly do. Simply put, their minds work in exactly the same way in principle as ours, but they have different strengths and weaknesses, e.g. much better proprioception, the very obvious athletic strengths like being able to fly 10,000 miles every summer or be extremely strong, etc., which influence what they do and what they consequently think about. They are endlessly fascinating and we know so very little about them.

  • There are very few animals that are known to use tools from their own discovery, rather than mimicking humans. Chimpanzees are probably the best known example.

    I’m not sure if that crow learned from watching humans, but even so it’s an extraordinary feat for a bird, even one as smart as a crow.

  • Sure, but most animals don't need to use tools. The reason why we emphasise that so much is because we rather fancy ourselves for our own use of tools. :) Animals do all sorts of other amazing things that we disregard in comparison to tools and in trying to observe mainly the anthropomorphisable aspects of animal life.

  • No idea! But seems to roughly reflect rpe..

  • I cross threaded a cassette lock ring when I was fitting a new cassette last night. I managed to get it off then reseated it square. It seems like it's tightening down OK now.

    I'm assuming that this will probably be OK but I should probably replace the freehub body the next time I need to replace the cassette.

    Am I wrong? Will I immediately crash and injure myself if I ride it?

  • If you did it up to 40Nm and it held, I'd assume that it was ok for now and order a free hub body so that you've got one on the shelf for if/when this one goes boom.

  • If it comes loose your shifting will go bad and it might gouge a circle in your frame, but you (probably) won’t crash.

    Consider carrying a spline tool to help get you home should that happen.

    Though tbh if it survives a few rides and the next cassette change you can probably forget it ever happened.

  • Thanks both.
    I tightened it down pretty tight but don't have a torque wrench so can't confirm numbers. I'd estimate it's about as tight as the old one was.

    I'm now trying to decide whether it's better to leave it on or try and take it off to inspect the damage

  • How far am I likely to get with making a contents insurance claim against the loss of a stone from a ring?

  • We had to do that once - lost a diamond from the OH's engagement ring. No problem for our cover at the time (Hiscox?). Our policy explicitly covered declared jewelry with associated valuations. They paid up.

  • Also - OH just reminded me that it did impact our premiums. They went up the next time. But that is to be expected TBH.

  • Did anyone actually manage to get one of those govt. £50 fix your bike vouchers ?

  • doubt many people on here need a £50 fix your bike voucher

  • I was thinking of buying a sock from Rapha with mine

  • does anyone have any experience of / recommendations for a private detective?
    asking for a friend

  • Does anyone have any experience with these Ebay work stands? Hoping to build some bikes during my lunch breaks, but don't really want to splash out on a second one that's basically going to live at work.

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Any question answered...

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