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  • Is the freehub the same as on the Dura Ace WH9000-C24/C35 wheels? Those hubs can generally be picked up pretty cheaply.

    Edit: Yes, it is - part number Y3DZ98060.

  • Will this weird mix of components shift?

    1. Campag 10 speed drop bar shifters/brakes
    2. TA Specialites Cyclotouriste double cranks with no ramps/pins (48/36)
    3. 7 speed freewheel
    4. 8 speed chain.

    Will it shift at the front, I'm fairly confident it will shift at the back.

  • Any recommendations for a fixed gear frame.

    Ideally having:

    3x bottle cage mounts
    Rear rack bosses
    Front rack bosses

    Need to transport more stuff day-to-day and having a loaded bike would make things easier

  • Genesis day one? would need extra bottle bosses and front rack but those could be cheaply

  • Thats great, thanks. The cheapest I'm seeing is £108 for the freehub body. A saving for sure but I've found the whole hub for £169.
    Unless you've seen them cheaper somewhere else?

  • Cheaper than expected, which is good as it means that their workload is increasing and they can link trips / be more efficient with they time.

    Good on you for supporting them!

  • New ones, no. Decent second-hand hubs are pretty common though - the rims wear out and people can't find replacement rims at a sensible cost.

  • Ah yes I have heard that.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled on eBay 👍

  • Had considered it but discounted it with the cross-check as not being 120 spaced at the rear.

  • I couldn't sell my c24 rear hub (with very low miles) for £40 on here...

  • I'm renting a van to move house in a couple of weeks. Obviously the hire place's excess insurance is ridiculously expensive so I'm looking to get the excess covered elsewhere. Can anyone recommend a decent site for this? All the ones I've found look dodgy as fuck.

  • I've got a policy with, who do a van policy. I had to claim on it once after I got a bill for over €1000 when a magnetic ski rack turned out to be insufficiently magnetic. They sent me a cheque for the full amount by return, which I thought was pretty good.

  • I, and most of my colleagues, use Questor. I've not claimed on it but I know a few people who have and it all went smoothly­minibus-hire-insurance

  • Thanks! I'm sure one of those will do the job! I think I had a look at but was suspicious of its legitimacy. Good to hear a positive review!

  • I was a bit dubious, but 5 months after taking out a 40 quid a year annual policy, they coughed up over a grand. Can't expect any more than that!

  • I used it literally a week ago at the suggestion of my brother-in-law. Website looked a little amateur (IANAWD) but their service was good.

  • Yeah that's ideal really!

  • @ltc I've used for years although I've never had to claim so can't comment on that front.

  • I was a bit dubious, but 5 months after taking out a 40 quid a year annual policy, they coughed up over a grand. Can't expect any more than that!

    That suggests to me that @danstuff owes you a beer?

  • @mespilus nice to hear. Thanks

  • Do we have a dedicated MTB thread? I've UTFS and but can only find Let's off-road within the Rides sub-forum. I know we're a diverse bunch so sure it's on here somewhere.

  • This one -­12/?

    I think that's the dedicated thread.

  • After reading the comments I thought as much - thanks for confirming!

  • Specialized Tricross with a change of fork.
    I have an old frame that fits the bill

    Edit: One of these:­95/

    OG fork does actually have mounts, not sure how much weight I'd want to put on them though

  • Didn’t know they came with a 120 spaced rear.

    Definitely fits the bill, will have to hunt one out

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Any question answered...

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