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  • Aluminum nuts on steel axles, so you know.

  • Shipping and taxes tend to kill you buying from Alex's, and the only real question over those hubs is whether they have special ordered from one of the three or four good Taiwanese hub factories* or taken something from an unknown mainland shop.

    *Formula, KT and DiaCompe all make cartridge bearing track hubs which are close enough to Novatec that you can safely choose between them based on colour, price and your aesthetic preference of minor differences in flange cut-outs.

  • Shipping and taxes for me are no worse than Europe and generally better than next door (US).
    I think the Cycroc hubs have a much better fit and finish the any that you mention, and for me they're cheaper than all but the KTs.

  • Cheers both! Now to decide between trusting hands-on experience and figuring out how to say 'fibre reinforced tape' in German.

  • Any question answered

    How do you say 'fibre reinforced tape' in German?

  • Shipping and taxes for me are no worse than Europe

    But they will be for @7ven , which is relevant to his question 🙂

  • Sure, but there may be other sources for the Cycrocs.

  • there may be other sources for the Cycrocs

    They're a Japanese brand, so unless you find the Chinese factory that's making them you're going to pay Japanese prices. Dealer list seems to show only Japanese shops

  • Faserverstärktes Klebeband.

  • Is there a specific name for the style of forks / fork crowns below where the crown appears integrated?


  • We just called them internal fork crown when I was a boy. I'd describe the Shorter as fully sloping and the Martano as semi-sloping.

  • The sloping fork crown goes way back, just Google the Cinelli fork crown from the 60's sloping to the semi sloping MC1

    Both many years before those pics :)

  • The sloping fork crown goes way back

    Yes, there were sloping crowns before internal crowns

  • Cheers.

  • Morning all -

    bought a van off my neighbour - he had it for years - but he hasn't got the v5C. Got a receipt for van and i've sent off a V62 for a new V5 - ordinarily he'd have phoned up with debit card and got a new one within a few days and we'd have done the normal switchero0, however Covid means only HGV and Essential Key Workers can use the phone lines - which can take several weeks. He's kept the tax going until i receive the V5 - can I just insure it saying I'm the owner and registered keeper, considering I am/will be and there's no way of knowing the exact moment registration will flip from him to me? I can insure near instantly and don't need to produce the V5 of course.


  • I'm sure this can be done online. Have you tried?

  • Yes, I think the only way is a V62 via post in my position (new owner applying for a v5 the previous owner keeper had lost). Doesn't appear to be an online option and phone calls are not for general public atm

  • I'm not clear - what is your question? How to get the V62 or can you insure it?

    V62 you seem to be able to do by post:

    Yes you can insure it without the V5: I just did this for a car I bought before the paperwork was complete.

    I had the new V5 in my name in under a week after the paperwork swap with the dealer so post is not that bad - car sales are waaaaay down so it looks like the paperwork side of things is pretty quick.

  • hi - yes, i've completed the V62 and sent it off.

    My question is more about who I put as the Registered Keeper for insurance purposes given that I haven't yet received the V5 in my name? My inclination - as in good faith I have purchased the vehicle and own and, in all practicality am the new keeper, and have receipt and correspondence to that end - is just to put myself as the registered keeper

  • Speak to the insurer and try to get a note put on your record. It's the kind of thing that could lead to a claim being invalidated.

  • Confirmed Taiwanese manufacture.

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Any question answered...

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