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  • Nice one. Cheers. Know of anything like that in 25 inner?

  • EDIT: given the calculation, a boosted 148 with quick release adaptor should bring it down to 141mm, however you can't pop in a quick release cap as this will make it too wide, it need to have the 12mm TA cup removed before fitting the QR cup in.

  • Dm'd you on this if that's cool?

  • In the Microsoft/Office 365 world is there a way to allow recipients to opt in /sign up for calendar slots without sending separate event invitations for each one? I have 25 half hour slots that I want people to be able to put their name to. Without sending 25 events to each person, and without having 25 people individually reply to me/all and me have to populate a list.
    Basically what Doodle would be able to do easily, but inside Microsoft world?

    In the past I've shared an Excel online timetable to populate, but just wondering if there is something else.

  • Which full length mudguards (SKS or flinger preferably) would I need for 27.5 x 2.0 ?

    Can I use a 700c?

  • I've heard of VOIP, but I want a phone I can plug into the back of my wifi router and get free calls.
    Is that possible?

  • Is that possible?

    It's technically possible to connect two telephone handsets over an IP network, and the equipment exists. Unless you only want to talk to another parsimonious geek, you're going to end up paying a subscription to somebody to provide directory function and a bridge to the voice telephony network at a location near enough to the subscriber you want to call to eliminate most of the usual calling charges.

  • Not quite what you are looking for but my ex landline phone is plugged into my LTE router currently fitted with a Voxi sim, supposedly 8gb for £10. Last month I used 105gb without using any of my 8gb. Not too sure how long it will last but anecdotally has been going on for some 4-5 months.

  • Why don't you just use voice over WhatsApp, Skype etc?

  • Why don't you just use a fucking phone?

  • Easy. We need to "Call Home" (the Continent) regularly and this is currently the only reason we pay for a landline. My mum has started to use WhatsApp, however my gf's parents are still sans internet. I know...

  • Skype (and presumably others) allow you to call normal phone numbers. Not free, but cheaper.

  • Rust on bolts and in eyelets that aren't in use - not a huge problem but anything I can do to remove/mitigate? Cheers

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  • I bought a gamoh porteur rack and just noticed that it only came with the QR fitting bracket and I need an axle mount one. As in the bottom one in the image.

    Does anyone know if these are stocked anywhere (or have one I can buy)?

    Alternatively - looking at SJS - is this likely to work in a similar way? edit - just noticed these are 19.99! Hopefully I can source the replacement.


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  • Drill the bracket to the appropriate size for your axle.

  • Yes! I can try this, thanks.

  • Vonage was a thing

  • Shimano R875 STIs.

    Any good? Believe they're the first gen Ultegra level Di2 hydro shifters? Was looking to get some TRP Hylex to go with a bar end shifter but these are £30 cheaper an end and could be used as just brakes with the bar end shifter until I've collected a full set of Di2 bits.

  • They probably don't come with Calipers? Whereas I think Hylex is a full system, so might not be as cheap as you think

  • Just had a double check and it's a full system, Euro style brake set up, but that's easy enough to swap.

  • No reason why not, the shifter does not move when shifting so work perfectly well as an independent brake levers.

  • I like them. They're pretty heavy, particularly when compared to R8070 levers, and quite chunky but they work perfectly well IME. They weren't officially part of the Ultegra range, but they're Ultegra-level non-series parts.

  • headset getting in the way of front brake installation
    my headset is blocking the brake caliper, when i try and tighten the brake caliper to the fork the headset starts touching the attachment point before it's tight
    any good solutions to this problem ?
    any good hacks / bodges ?

  • Put some serrated washers between the fork and the caliper to space out the caliper a tadge?

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Any question answered...

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