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  • ?
    You mean you've checked it's tight?
    Is the rotor moving or just the pads moving a little in the caliper, will feel pretty similar.

  • Bean checked and given it the beans???


  • Haha! Yes checked it's tight. 99% certain it's the rotor moving and did so without the brakes on initially. Think I'll take off, reassemble and see if it goes away before reporting back. @snottyotter
    Thanks all

  • What would make my CL rear rotor move back and forth a few mm a when locked

    A fundamental design compromise accepted by Shimano as the price for making something new and proprietary which would still be serviceable by ill-trained monkeys. You can't have no backlash and a sliding fit assembly. As you say, the frequent load reversal which would loosen the lock ring and destroy the splines pretty quickly is not really a feature of bicycle dick breaks. CL rotor/hub interface kinda works for long enough that most people change their bikes before finding out why it's basically inferior to 6-bolt, so Shimano profits keep rolling in.

  • Wondered if it may be a 'spline' issue. Glad I read this before valentine's Day else it may have 'dulled my romantic instincts' somewhat.

    Many thanks

  • I assumed pretty recent. The graphic narrative is hard work, I actually read it in a friend's blog who'd taken the trouble to write it out in text, it was more digestible
    I think things are dramatically different from 30 years ago, but also rather different from even 10 years ago.

  • Thanks.
    That's fair enough.
    I can only imagine that it has changed shedloads since I was last there.
    As well as in the last 10 years.
    In many ways it is an ever-evolving experience.
    Those who saw it in 1962 won't view it with the same eyes as those who saw it in 1991, and so on, ad infinatum.
    Without stating the bleedin' obvs.

  • Herbie Clips

    Didn’t even know they existed, but they look promising. I’ll get some to try out

    Thanks :)

  • 15mm rear??

    pics needed.

  • I gave up when I thought I'd got the gist.

  • eBike conversion kits.
    Are they any cop?
    I mean, I'd love an e cargo bike. But...

  • People seem to rate the bafang ones

  • We've done a couple, including our big dummy workbike, I can't imagine how I used to ride that fucking thing around without it now, I've also put on a little weight. They've worked really well and been generally reliable through some hard testing. My boss managed to break a crank axle, but he's a big lad on a big bike going up big hills everyday, and they've changed the bit that broke since and it's been all good. If you want a bafang conversion on bike to work, hit me up. We've also just started playing around with the programming of the controllers and head units so can do them to suit.

  • Is there anything I'd need to consider on my v braked shed build (racing cross fork, cheap alloy frame)?

  • Not off the top of my head.

  • Great.
    And how much?

  • Will you be my valentine?

  • What's in it for me?

  • I think it's about a grand but there are options to make it more or less, PM me and I'll get someone to email you proper details, it's not me that sorts out all that.

  • here's pics:

    15mm solid axle one the bike - want to change it because the hub is a crappy screw-on 8 spd cassette thing.

    and what I i was going to put on: 10mm dt swiss thru-bolt with 10-14mm washer thingys.

    I guess i'm after something like a 15mm thru-bolt but i'd prefer not be quick release, so a 15mm solid axle that would fit a dt swiss 350 hub?

    2 Attachments

    • 10mm qr.png
    • 15mm axle.png
  • I'm miffed,

    Bought a bike with;


    Double Butted CrMo, 27.5+ Wheels, Boost 141x9mm Open Dropouts


    CrMo, Thru-Axle, Suspension Corrected, Boost 110mm Spacing, QR Lever.

    So bought,

    DT Swiss X 1900 Spline 25 27.5" Boost Wheel Set


    DT Swiss Retrofitting Kit for 240S Rear Hub to QR 135mm
    DT Swiss 350/370 VR Disc Brake 5x100mm QR Conversion Kit.

    I double checked with the store online before I bought them that they would do the job, but the adapters make my hubs too wide.
    Have I fucked up with my wheel size or are they the wrong adapters? The wheels for well with no adapter but I need QR as the frame is no bolt through.

  • Have I fucked up with my wheel size or are they the wrong adapters? The wheels for well with no adapter but I need QR as the frame is no bolt through.

    The adaptor is to convert to 135mm on a normal 142mm thru axles hubs, not for the 148mm boost thru axles.

    Did you removed the cap from the hubs before fitting the adaptor?

  • Fucked it. So it's a wheel return then?

    Do you know which DT Swiss wheels will fit?

  • Doubtful, I've not heard of a quick release adaptor for a 148mm boost spaced wheels, only for 142mm spaced wheels.

    Best solution is to return it and just get a 141mm spaced wheel, like this­s-c9/wheels-c126/alex-md35-boost-141-27-­5-mtb-wheel-p22949

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Any question answered...

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