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  • Thanks. I am more thinking about catching the train from Euston. Going to Euston from home is a bit annoying and cycling is straightforward...

  • I’ve had a cable stop that was riveted to my chain stay drilled out and it’s left a small bit of metal rivet inside the stay that’s now rattling about.

    I’ve tried shaking and turning the frame to get it to fall out of the seat tube, but no luck so far.

    Any other clever tricks I can try?

  • Vacuum cleaner.

  • A bit of sticky glue dropped through the drill hole

  • Tried magnet, no luck.

    Will give vacuum a go tomorrow.

    No drill hole anymore, it’s been filled.

  • know anyone with a compressor?

  • Compressor such as a local garage car tyre inflator - ideally with 'free air' and staff that know you.

    Compressed air > partial vacuum (5 bar rather than 0.5 bar) but watch out for flying debris such as rust, brazing flux, etc. as well as the bit that rattles.

  • I had this in a carbon frame.
    Tried the Vacuum cleaner and the magnet.
    Ended up sorting it by pouring in some very thin superglue and letting it set with the rattly thing in it.
    Make a hole for the glue, if needs be.

  • it's just riding a bike with occasional, and unexpected, minor steering inputs.

    Vocial or physical?

  • What happens to rider when a rear gear cable suddenly snaps?

  • eyebrows + knee pain from cycling 50:12 everywhere?

  • That’s what I suspected. Should be able to drop front to 36 (x11) - 86 GI. Not going far, just need to get it to the new cable, but want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Might just try and ride in 36x11 for the lols and tape up the external cable to be safe.

  • You could max out the limit screw to push the mech towards the middle of the cassette if that helped

  • Excellent lateral thinking.

  • Bonus might be the sound of Derek Guyler’s washboard* from cross-chaining ...good luck!

    *one for the kids, there

  • If the end of the cable with the blob on is a few cm, you can run it through the rear mech only, tension the mech by hand and secure with the cable bolt as normal.

  • Any suggestions on how to find the details of a case heard at the Los Angeles County Court?

    I can find a few sites with links to the documents but you have to pay to sign up to them. Anyone know of any free options?

  • Anyone know where I might be able to have a go on a hydrofoil bike in the UK/Europe?

  • Fitted a KMC B1 chain at the weekend and it's really noisy. I've used KMC Z1s before and never had the same noise issue. Will it quieten down a bit once it's stretched out?

  • Fitted a KMC B1 chain at the weekend and it's really noisy.

    That's a feature, not a bug. I've always found bushed chains noisier than bushing less, regardless of brand. The only one which is quiet is the Wippermann 1Z1

  • You might need to replace your rear sprocket.

  • Why sometimes, even with brand new wheels, does there appear to be a slightly uneven rotational force (ie at one point of the revolution there's a pull forward)?

  • Because they aren't weight balanced and have a join at one point, it's not an issue in actual use though.

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Any question answered...

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