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  • Jeepers, yeah - £174.45 for a 4x4 from the first site I came across (though I'm sure I could get it lower than shopping around/for bulk etc)

  • Do they do a video showing the impact with a claw hammer?

  • Can anyone recommend someone to do a functional repair on a cracked steel headtube? Ideally East/NE London. It's for a colleague, with an older lugged steel frame cracked all the way through, I believe. He's not overly precious about it, just used to it and a replacement 63cm might not be so easy to come by. Thanks.

  • and a replacement 63cm might not be so easy to come by


  • Try shooting an email to Stayer Cycles in Leytonstone? (

  • 63cm

    Maybe when I was 15

  • What does everybody do with their old cables? I've a box full which I've accumilated of usb, firewire, charger, power and audio cables for things I no longer own. Is it all landfill? Is is there a better option?

  • As with almost everything, try the local council recycling centre.

    At mine (Wandsworth) they say to lob cables in the "Small electrical appliances" area, they can then salvage the copper (or other metal) from the cables if it's worthwhile.

    I've reached that point in my life where I'm taking stuff to the recycling center every couple of weeks.

  • Anywhere that takes WEEE waste should take them.

  • At the weekend I cleaned my drivetrain for the first time in a long while. I stripped and cleaned jockey wheels. Installed new chain. This morning, when pedalling hard, the chain seems to slip. It’s not skipping between gears or anything, it’s like it slips forward. What could be causing this? Rear QR not tight enough? Worn cassette? Something else?

  • Worn cassette or chainrings with new chain combination would be my guess. You could try turning the chainring around to see if that eliminates it

  • Yep, definitely either a worn cassette or chainring. Probably the cassette in my own limited experience, but... maybe looking for signs of wear will provide some clues?

    You could try turning the chainring around to see if that eliminates it

    Mind = blown.

  • This has done plenty of miles. Not sure how many the chainring did before I got it secondhand.

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  • Looks a bit sharky. If you are running ten speed I've got cassettes and some new 50/34 chainrings I need to get rid of. Hit me up.

  • 11 speed unfortunately. Thanks, though!

  • Seems like SRAM 11 speed 110 bcd 52t outer chainring is not a common part.

    Anyone got tips for where to source one from fairly quickly?

  • That chainring's had it. The cassette I'm not sure, the larger sprocket looks fine (but is likely to be used much less anyway), hard to say with regards to the smaller ones.

    Chainrings: I happen to have the chainrings from a Force 22 crankset at home, completely unused as I converted it to a 1x setup. However, I'd have to check which version it is, online sources suggest there is a 53/39t and a 50/34t version - not sure you'd be interested in any.

  • SRAM chainrings, having replaced the ones on my cx bike are imo an expensive pain in the arse and I’d cost a shimano chain set to see if it’s cheaper / acceptable cost for longer term savings

  • Yeah, I agree with that assessment. I think the chainring might have been nearly finished when I got it tbh, hence the crankset attached seemed like bargain at the time.

    Cool, yes, I could be. Drop me a pm when you've had a chance to check.

  • Can do, will be this evening.

  • Alternatively, you've got Stronglight that does make 110 bcd outer chainring on various tooth count (not sure up to 52) in either black or silver for around 20€ if it's of any help

  • As long as it works perfectly, I don't care about brand/look/weight.

    Something like this? Looks like it goes up to 52t.­/STRONGLIGHT-110-BCD-Dural-Outer

  • Usually shop on Probikeshop (but i'm in France so I don't know if convenient for the UK),
    But your link seems to be the same!

    Don't know the difference in quality with Sram but did not have any issue with Stronglight before (but I'm not riding thousands of miles), but it is affordable at least and they have an interesting range

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Any question answered...

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