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  • Only just spotted this. My current favourite low-level forum feud :-)

  • Itā€™s a Cinelli

    It's got a Cinella bottom bracket shell, definitely. Whether or not the rest of it is Cinelli is another question.

  • Yeah, I was referring to the bb not the frame manufacturer.

  • So you were. Ignore me.

  • No worries. I found this online:

    ''Have not been able to find a great deal of information on Oria, apart from the tubes were drawn by Mannesman. Oria was based in Verona, it was good quality and sold to local framebuilders. Primarily used on Italian bicycles, by manufacturers like Pinarello, Benotto, Moser, Montagner, Daccordi, Olmo, amongst others.''

  • Trying to write out a For statement to a txt file in Python

    text_file = open('d:/file_out.txt',"w")
    text_file.write('x:{}, y:{}; rgb:{}'.format(x_block, y_block, colour))

    it works, but only the final For is in the file - so it most likely is overwriting each time.

    How do I get around this? @chez_jay or @oĢ¼wlzĶ› perhaps

  • Is the open/close inside the loop? If so open(..., "w") will overwrite each time. You could use "w+" or "a" instead.

    Even better just open and close it outside the loop which is faster and simpler. And you can use with open(filename) as f which tends to be a better choice.

  • Who else got a card from The Yorks this year? Admittedly it's a facsimile but "the thoughts there". He really hasn't got any mates.

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  • Thanks. Got it working. All comes out on one line but I can fix that in the txt file

  • Just have to add /n to the end of the string to put a newline in.

  • i've posterised posterised a photo down to just a few colours and saved it as a jpg, but when i query the r/g/b of the pixels, i find that there are still over 3 thousand unique values. why is this?

    edit. user error i think

    edit. not (just) user error. question still applies

    edit. i see.

  • i find that there are still over 3 thousand unique values

    In IrfanView you can reduce colour depth to any arbitrary value as well as the standard 2/16/256 etc. Presumably other apps have a similar function somewhere.

  • If you then save as jpg, the compression algorithm will generate loads of intermediate colours at the boundaries between blocks. You need to use a different file format to preserve your restricted pallette

  • Don't save as jpg if you want to preserve exact image data. Should get better results with png.

  • Don't save it as a JPEG as it does not preserve exact colour values. Use PNG.

  • What is the best way and approx cost to ship two rims to France?

  • If it helps I can weigh the box with two rims in I have at home? Not sure about international shipping I'm afraid.

  • Noob SRAM question. Which 11 speed road cassettes (if any) can you run on an XDR freehub? Ideally 11-32.

  • 2.9kg. Rims are 425g each for reference.

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  • What is the best way and approx cost to ship two rims to France?

    Have you asked @gaston ? I'm sure he must have received more rims from the UK than just the ones I sent him, but FWIW it was ~Ā£20 five years ago from the Post Office

  • Swimming watches that sync to Strava. Any recommendations? Doesnā€™t need heart rate and running features or anything fancy just the ability to measure distance/speed in a pool and link to strava. Looking for something on the cheaper side.

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Any question answered...

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