Sleeping systems - bags, pads, matts, liners

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  • Neoair x lite.

  • Does seem as though this is the option most recommend, definitely seems as though it’s worth the extra cash for the comfort factor and warmth!

  • That's a new on me.

    Camouflage is the new "hi viz"

  • Probably works quite well against snow.

  • Except for the fact you would literally look like a clump of exposed rock or dirt in that thing, as opposed to that bright orange SOL colour that so often occurs in nature. Don't try to stick up for this bullshit. I'm guessing (hoping) some non English speaker somewhere has copy/pasted the text off their orange version and they're not being outright stupid.

  • I was thinking there was more risk of being mistaken for a shrubbery.

    (Note to self, add winky face next time)

  • Maybe it means when we're mowed down by that texting motorist, we CAN claim we were wearing hi-viz, not matter what colour we have on.

  • Coming back to this. I spent a few hours manually unclumping my bag, it is lofting better now.
    I cannot buy a new phd bag, or justify one, so I'll use my older one for shit stuff where it might get trashed and just use the phd for nice trips.

  • Would anyone be interested in my as new (only used once indoors as ‘practice’) thermarest neoair xlite pad (regular) before I put an ad up? Change of circumstances mean I’m unlikely to use it anytime soon. Would £90 be a fair price?

  • Does it have the newer butterfly style valve?

    If it’s the latest model I’d be interested

  • Thanks for the interest- it’s the old style valve I’m afraid. Cheers though.

  • There are now lots of pretty cheap half decent looks mats on amazon that are either the same of similar to alpkit etc

    this trekology one has good review, is £27 and looks the same as the alpkit one. Anyone got any experience/ recomendations of which to go for...?

  • They're pretty much all air only, with no insulating material. Only suitable for very warm conditions, I never recommend them.

  • I'm ok with that, won't be using anywhere cold.

    But otherwise - durability? Comfort / pack size etc?

  • They're pretty much all air only, with no insulating material.

    Unless I'm missing an "/s" here, isn't the purpose of insulation to trap air?

  • While static air (such as that trapped in closed-cell foam) can be an effective insulator, mats like these with thick air chambers effectively set up little convection currents that are rather good at moving heat from one's body to the massive heat sink that is the ground.

  • I’ve got something very similar from a company called Hitorhike which was shipped from China. I’m testing it next week and will report back.

    It came through this website, but there are loads selling the very same ones according to the mate who ordered them­ess-pro

    Apparently it has an r rating of 4.2 but I am huuuugely sceptical about that.

  • Hi, Can anyone help me understand what the temperature ratings for sleeping bags mean?

    The night time temps in Scotland during the summer is around 10 degrees C, so does that mean a 10 degree bag is appropriate? This is for a bivvy, no tent.

  • First, check you’re looking at the ‘comfort’ temperature range, not ‘survival’ or whatever some manufacturers call it.

    In Scotland, I think I’d want to never have less than a 5C bag in summer, unless I was really confident of the conditions. Any altitude/wind can seriously lower the temperature.

  • I’ve always found a silk liner helps to boost the warmth slightly but you really can’t beat a really good quality (read expensive) down bag.

  • FYI I have been in Scotland late May and slept in-6C one night.

  • Temp was -6? what was the rating of the bag? was it comfortable (enough)?

  • Yeah that's what I am learning. It's a lot of money if you end up with the wrong bag though.

    Thanks for links!

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Sleeping systems - bags, pads, matts, liners

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