Sleeping systems - bags, pads, matts, liners

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  • Did you order from extrem textil? That's annoying

  • Yeah. Some issue with my address (it was fine) then I was away and forgot I ordered it.
    Sure it's a one off but just annoying.

  • Anyone seen any research on primaloft gold V Apex climashield V polartec alpha.

    I want to make a new jacket, that fits good. But it's hard to get anything but apex.

  • Considering the wide range of people making their own gear, I really struggled to find direct comparisons.
    However, from what I understand, the primaloft gold is slightly warmer (clo value 0.92 oz/yd2), compared to Apex (0.82 oz/yd 2). The lay-off is that primaloft is a pain to work with, and requires much more quilting, this is due to the structure: Primaloft is lots of little fibres, compared to the continuous fibre of the Apex.

    If you are set on a primaloft jacket, might be easier to butcher a 2nd hand extra large.

  • Thanks, that's not a huge difference.

    I have a PHD jacket that is incredibly warm, too warm. And also a bit bulky. I wanted to make another with slightly lower g/m^2 insulation. The PHD was great in Kyrgyzstan when it was -8, but a bit much otherwise.

    I was going to buy a rab xenon, but they changed it from primaloft.

  • Why not get one of PHDs lighter vests?

  • synthetic not down
    fit: the phd doesn't fit me 100%, I want custom fit or better than phd

  • Ah furry muff

  • Phd offer custom fit I think. You just have to wait a bit longer. But I'd never steer anyone away from making their own gear. :)

  • It's not really (fully) custom though, it's just picking a pattern +/- 2 sizes from the waist size, for arms etc.

  • Ah gotcha.
    MYOG sounds a better option then.

  • Yes, I need to make the sleeping bag first. Then this.
    Or get someone to do it. Rusjan is making me a fleece jacket and pants from polartec wind pro, which I am excited about.

  • If you want the best custom outdoors clothing, you need to talk to Nunatak in Alaska.

  • thanks I'll look at that.
    Edit: Orders placed after October 9th will ship sometime in 2020. Lead times are 10 weeks, plus Holiday closure if applicable.

    No good really

    I talk about myog, but I don't have the skills currently, and I don't have ANY time do learn. I'd love to, but my plate is so full. myog would be great because i can then tweek things as I use them.

    I'll find someone to do it, can't be that hard. Well Lucy can do it for sure.

    These people do some nice stuff with fleece

  • Made myself a gilet from scratch using the left over 67g/sqm apex and shell. Sewing clothes with such slippery material is a pain in the arse. Now just need it to get cold enough to use it ha.

  • Have you got any pictures?

  • I've been putting off some extensive repairs to a jacket for the same reason :(

  • The feeddogs kept eating the material, and some of the stitching is suspect, but Christ it's warm.

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  • Anyone got field experience of the thermarest z lite sol?

    It may be a good option for my next multiday trip where 90 min power naps will be the plan... but not if it means zero sleep.

  • I don't own one but have slept on them for a couple of nights. As you can probably guess, it was comfier than a cheap foam mat, but not as good as an inflatable on harder surfaces.

  • Thanks Andy - hope you're well?

    That sounds reasonable enough. I want something I can throw down then pack away quick to reduce inflate/deflate faff time when I'm stopped. We're you carrying the one you used between places? If so was that a problem bulk wise? My thinking is to strap to outer of rucsak, I'll be on foot.

  • I've got one and use it a lot. It is surprisingly warm and comfortable even though I am a side sleeper. Being able to throw it down without having to check the ground like I have to with my inflatable pad is a big bonus

  • Nice one, ta.

  • Yeah not bad thanks! Back in the UK, hopefully catch up for a beer next time I'm in Chorlton (assuming you're still around that way).

    It was strapped on a basket on a bike. Pretty bulky but fine given circumstances (leisurely riding, nice weather, not windy). Saw plenty of people hiking with them in NZ, strapped in all sorts of ways.

  • I find this more comfortable than all the inflatable ones I've tried, and not having to worry about puncturing it is a bonus. Bit of a faff with it's bulk, but doable.

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Sleeping systems - bags, pads, matts, liners

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