Sleeping systems - bags, pads, matts, liners

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  • From my attempts to divine the will of The Great Platypus, if you want to get something from *lpkit you might as well just go on aliexpress, and basically everything on Decathlon is "fine".

    For other options, Klymit seem to be well regarded by some people (TGP will probably descend from the mountaintop now he sleeps on and say that if you're going to buy a a Klymit you might as well make your own sleeping pad out of clingfilm or simply learn to levitate)

    Reddit ultralight forum can be a good shout for affordable gear reviews. Maybe take a look there?

  • I've got the Forcalz mat and I'm not short at all. Great for the money

  • cheers. erring towards the decathlon one tbh.

  • I've been using the Decathlon one for Audax, which I presume is your plan? I've found it great packs small, quick to blow up/deflate and comfy, I'm taking it on PBP with an inflatable pillow (also from Decathlon) so I don't need to worry about the bed situation.

  • amazing - yep, for PBP so I don't need to worry about beds. are you taking any sort of bag / liner?

  • I did take a liner on LEL which was super handy, I'm not sure yet with PBP as i don't have a bag drop so need to carry all the essentials, if the weather is looking good i'll probably leave that at home.

  • Looking for a mat, bivvi, bag combo for through hikes/running (fastpacking). Currently use:
    *Decathlon blow up mini-airbed which wins hands down on the comfort front and not too big if a little heavy. Probably will stick with this for now
    *Eurohike 4 season down bag - plenty warm but bulky as you'd expect
    *Army surplus style goretex bivvi bag is ok but bulky and heavy
    *Decathlon tarp. Again not the lightest but ok for £20, I can use walking poles instead of the super heavy steel poles it comes with or trees/fence posts etc.

    I'd love a hammock but bivvi/tarp wins for versatility when there are no trees. Are there forum approved "best buys" for sleeping bags/bivvis? Been looking at the PHD site ... must resist temptation!

  • @Arducius
    I've been looking in this thread a bit recently - the advice from platypus and skinny is basically

    • If your budget is decathalon level then that is by far the best place to buy
    • Bivvys need to be goretex or eVent or you will drown (skinny has Rab I think)
    • Platypus has recommended a karrimore one that 30 quid from sports direct as a cheap alternative
    • down sleeping bags are the only choice (couldn't see a single example of Playtpus conceding to synthetic)
    • buy cheap or buy expensive, middle ground is a waste of time
    • if you're buying a quilt go katabatic palisade
    • ebay or reddit kit trade is the place to buy
    • Thermarest xlites are popular (bikepacking rate sea to summit also)

    Please correct if i've got it wrong

    Sleeping bag - this has had a couple recommendations­-trek-900-0-feather-id_8492771.html

  • I have the following for sale. Used once for 4hrs.

    Klymit Inertia Xlite
    Snugpak Stratosphere Hooped Bivvi
    Exped Ultralight Air Pillow

    £100 for all of it

  • Stock pics

    3 Attachments

    • Klymit_Inertia_X_Lite_Sleeping_Pad_orange[640x430].jpg
    • AirPillow-UL_M.jpg
    • biv079-0.jpeg
  • ^not to scale

  • I'm currently stocking up for a 3 week hike and have been putting a few nights in on a Sea to Summit ultralight insulated. It's excellent - and I'm a side sleeper. A little heavier than other options I looked at but a good price on Wiggle and the comfort factor is great.

    Think about the R value of the sleeping mat if you've not already, it makes a big difference to temperature I gather.

  • Cripes if that was in stock still it'd be cheaper than the non-insulated one at Decathalon (­k-ultralight-si-id_8382713.html)

  • Any chance you'd split?

    Interested in the hooped bivvy but don't need the matt / pillow.

  • I’d take the pillow

  • I might take the mat if this split happens, depending on price

  • This is pretty much spot on, good job

  • 65/25/10?

  • Works for me, can pick up from your house/office whenever suits

  • Alpkit Numo was mentioned a page ago, I've got one and probably wouldn't recommend it to be honest. Quite cold (although my only reference point is a Thermarest Z Rest) and I've had two replaced because the seam at the valve isn't sealed properly so it leaks overnight. Now this third one is leaking too.

    They are nice people though and there's a 3-year warranty (I think) so fortunately for me it looks like I can get it replaced yet again as I bought it in 2017.

    Perhaps I've just been unlucky with the seams and also not sure if I'm expecting too much from an lightweight uninsulated mat.

  • I would have to second that. Used mine about 4 times now and have a leak near the valve (searching online shows it to be a common issue) have returned to alpkit and awaiting a response.

  • Thanks for the reply!

  • 65 for the Bivvy and the split is done?

  • 2nd on this if it falls through.

  • Trekitt have the Rab alpine bivi on sale for £165 atm (RRP £220). Thought it might be of interest to some here?

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Sleeping systems - bags, pads, matts, liners

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